If only this bibliomaniac had all of the many different rooms displayed on these websites. That is not the case, and this bibliomaniac needs to downsize his library something fierce in preparation of an upcoming move in February, 2006. I will still be a book collector; I just won't have the shelf space to be a bibliomaniac anymore.

I will be keeping most of the reference books about books, but most of the anecdotal books about books should be for sale. Almost all the Shakespeare, Philosophy, Poetry, and Essays are for sale, as are the literary periodicals.

It is now July 2006, and already, some of Moi Bibliomaniac's books are in other people's libraries. You will still be able to browse these pages until next January; however, if you want a book from Moi Bibliomaniac's Library, I suggest you don't wait too long.

Call me or email me. Jerry Morris 727 862-5012

Welcome to my Books About Books Room.
Books about Books is the primary collection in Moi
Bibliomaniac's Library.

When I first constructed this webpage, I lumped all of my Books About Books together. My primary goal was to collect all the books listed in Webber's Books About Books, and then some. I have acquired quite a few of Webber's books and way too many of the "and then some"; so many that I ran out of room on this webpage.

I have started another "building" to store the viewing of my books, dividing my collections into different rooms. "MY LIBRARY" is the name of my new website; I was tempted to call it "THE FIRST ADDITION", but some other bibliomaniac probably used that name already.

I have rearranged my Books About Books Collection drastically. Some facets of this collection, such as Bibliography and Bookseller Catalogues have their own "rooms" on other webpages. Individual links below the FastTrack Links are provided to reach them . Some facets, such as Bookbinding, are still located on this webpage. You can reach them while browsing alphabetically, or you can take the Fast Track Links.

If you have a passion for Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, or old religious books,go to the links that say, "THE REST OF MY LIBRARY", and view the rest of my book collections.

Feel free to browse, and if you have any questions about any of these books, just ask. Enjoy!

Jerry Morris

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He collected rubber mice; I collect books.

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