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Strategic CAD Labs Mission

The Strategic CAD Labs (SCL) is the primary CAD research group at Intel. SCL is part of Intel’s Design Technology department, which supplies CAD tools for CPU design teams. SCL research addresses infrastructure, algorithms, models, applications and design methodology covering the design flow from architecture to layout.

SCL works closely with academia through the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), Gigascale Systems Research Center (GSRC) and via joint collaborations funded internally. The team also works closely with Intel design teams and CAD developers to invent new concepts and productize the results for general use. Researchers in SCL have the opportunity to apply their research on real designs and influence the way microprocessor design is done at Intel.

Focus Research Areas
Formal and dynamic verification for complex microprocessors
Early design exploration and construction of DSM IC designs
Performance verification of multi-GHz designs
All information provided related to future Intel products and plans is preliminary and subject to change at any time, without notice.
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