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First Mentioned:
March 2, 1975
Group is inactive
Right-Wing Conservative, Racist
Last Attack:
Oct. 1, 1983
Financial Sources:

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US Terrorist Exclusion List Designee: No
UK Proscribed Group: No
Australia Specified Group: No
Canada Specified Group: No
EU Specified Group: No
Russia Specified Group: No
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Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs)

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Other Terrorist Organizations (OTO)

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Charles Martel Group

Aliases: Charles Martel Club

Base of Operation: France

Founding Philosophy: The Charles Martel Group, also known as the Charles Martel Club, was an anti-Arab organization that operated in the 1970’s and 1980’s in France. The majority of its attacks were on Algerian government and business installations. Algeria, a former French colony, had fought a bitter war for independence, and many Algerian refugees were settling in France around this time.

Charles Martel, the group’s namesake, is a famous figure in French history, and his defeat of the Arab Moorish armies at Tours in 732 is presumably the motivation for this terrorist group’s invocation of his name. The name Charles Martel has often been invoked by anti-immigrant and anti-Arab groups, both inside and outside France. Members of the Secret Army Organization, a terrorist organization aimed at toppling the French government due to its eventual support for Algerian independence, used this name in the 1960's. In the United States, the Charles Martel Society is a right-wing anti-immigration academic group.

Current Goals: The Charles Martel Group has not carried out an attack since 1983 and is presumed to be inactive.

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Further Reference
"France: The DeGaulle Years," 01/01/2004, Encarta Encyclopedia
"The Year in Hate," 01/01/2004, Southern Poverty Law Center, Intelligence Report (Montgomery, AL)
"France: What Every Schoolchild Knows," Alain Ruscio, 03/25/2004, Le Monde Diplomtique (Translated from French), (Paris, France)

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1968 - Present
Incidents Injuries Fatalities
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Charles Martel Group and Orly Organization attacked Other target (Oct. 1, 1983, France)

Charles Martel Group attacked Airports & Airlines target (Aug. 9, 1983, France)

Charles Martel Group attacked Diplomatic target (May 11, 1980, France)

Charles Martel Group attacked Other target (May 7, 1980, France)

Charles Martel Group attacked Other target (Nov. 1, 1977, France)




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