At last! Kill your friends and family without tiresome reprisals from local law enforcement agencies. Itís Bloody Murder is the multiplayer death match youíve always dreamed of, assuming you dream about top down shoot-em-upís with suspect graphics and overly loud sound effects.


Welcome, My name is Simon Smith, the writer and creator of the little slice of unnecessary violence. Let me be the first to say out Bloody Murder is NOT endorsed by the National Rifle Association unless it is in defence of your home/car/gun collection. It is however an old fashioned shoot-em-up designed for multiplayer fun on a single PC. Gather your closest friends around the flickering cathode rays, and watch their little faces light up with bloodthirsty joy. Itís the gift that keeps on giving!



Click here to download the latest version ofďItís Bloody MurderĒ. The only 8-player top down perspective remake of an unknown Amiga game youíll ever need.

While youíre downloading click here to read a tedious document about how the game is developing so far. The file stands at just over 2MB for now.



Well, you need a nice graphics card and a reasonable processor for this one. Why? Well Iím far too lazy to optimise my games. If it runs nice on my PC, itís good enough for me.

       Pentium 3 or equivalent running at about 400mhz +

       8-16MB graphics card of a reasonable speed.

       96MB of RAM

       DirectX 7 or above (8.1 for force feedback)

       DirectX compatible sound card


Also there are some non-essential but useful facts about PC monitors and refresh rates you should know. You are welcome to try and run the game if you have a lesser system, and it will run, but damn is it slow. Alternatively, try running the game in 16 bit colour, itís a bit rough, but twice as fast and half the memory. Failing that you could free up some graphics card memory by switching off the real transparent shadows. You can even switch to low detail to help poor graphics cards (and to some degree, processors). As a last resort you can try upgrading to the latest version of DirectX, but the speed increase would be slight, if at all.

And if none of the above worksÖwell sorry, thatís that Iím afraid. These are high minimum specs, but itís not my fault, honestly! Iím being blackmailed. There are sinister agents who force innocent citizens to upgrade their PCís every 18 months. I know theyíre after me! I canít name any names, but this sinister agency rhymes with the word Microloft.



Do you have an Amiga and way too much time on your hands? Download the original Cold Blooded Murder. A masterpiece of which gaming guruís Team 17 said,

ďI have had a look at it and it seems to remind me of an early spectrum game. Trashman or something like that.Ē

But donít let such high praise impress you, It really is quite fun. Click on the link and look for the file ColdBM.lha


Whatís in the future? A taster of possible additions to the game. All of them are unnecessarily violent.


Force Feedback Test . This is a test executable of Murder with force feedback support. You too can know the thrill of vibrating plastic! Itís not quite there but you can try it out with one Direct X compatible force feedback joystick.


The Secret Tapes. Well, this is a selection of music err, borrowed from various games that suit this gameís style. Just unzip them into the drawer containing Bloody Murder (the game, not any sick mpeg videos you have) and the game will use them instead of certain tunes.


Contact me

Feel free to e-mail me at Perhaps you have a good idea for the game, a new scene or weapon youíd like to see added. Or perhaps youíre a budding Blitz programmer and would like to see the source code. Either way feel free to write unless itís to say something along the lines of ďIf I download another game this shit Iím going to track down the author and kick him in the nuts.Ē



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