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23 pin D-SUB male connector layout
23 pin D-SUB male connector  at the amiga
Pin Name Dir Description
1/XCLK<--Extern Clock
2/XCLKEN<--Extern Clock Enable (47 Ohm)
3RED-->Analog Red (75 Ohm)
4GREEN-->Analog Green (75 Ohm)
5BLUE-->Analog Blue (75 Ohm)
6DI-->Digital Intensity (47 Ohm)
7DR-->Digital Red (47 Ohm)
8DG-->Digital Green (47 Ohm)
9DB-->Digital Blue (47 Ohm)
10/CSYNC-->Composite Sync (47 Ohm)
11/HSYNC-->Horizontal Sync (47 Ohm)
12/VSYNC-->Vertical Sync (47 Ohm)
13GNDRTN---Digital Ground (for /XCLKEN) Don"t connect with pin 16-20.
14/PIXELSW-->Genlock overlay (47 Ohm)
15/C1-->Clock out (47 Ohm)
16GND---Video Ground for RED Analog (useful to know because some TVs need specific grounds for specific colors when using SCART/PERITEL SECAM video signal)
17GND---Video Ground for GREEN Analog
18GND---Video Ground for BLUE Analog
19GND---Video Ground for CHV SYNC
20GND---Video Ground
21-12V-->-12 Volts DC (10 mA max) (A500/A600/A1200)
-5V-->-5 Volts DC (10 mA max) (A1000/A2000/A3000/A4000)
22+12V-->+12 Volts DC (100 mA max)
23+5V-->+5 Volts DC (100 mA max)

Note: Direction is Computer relative monitor.

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