Who’s Who in Santa Clara Unified?

Welcome to the newest round of Hall of Famers inducted at a special reception on March 6, 2004.
Pictured left to right:  Manny Ferguson, Retired Chief of Police; Judy Chu, California Assemblywoman; Emma Kaliterna, Good Samaritan and business leader; Mike Ryan, District Attorney and All-star Athlete; Frank Vasquez, Retired Chief of Police; Carla Marinucci, Journalist; Larry Marsalli Retired Santa Clara City Commissioner, Councilman and Mayor; and Bob Tower, Author, Historian and Artist. 
(Not pictured:  the late Frank Sapena, Retired Chief of Police and Community Leader)

What do major league baseball players Carney Lansford and Nino Bongiovanni, astronaut Carlos Noriega, Olympic gold medalist Brian Boitano, Supreme Court Justice Edward Panelli, Disney Animator Tony Anselmo and Margaret Jenkins, a pioneer in women’s sports have in common?

Each of these prominent individuals is an alumnus of Santa Clara Unified and are just some of the notable names included in the Santa Clara Unified School District HALL OF FAME.

Nominations for the SCUSD Hall of Fame can be sent to the District Office, 1889 Lawrence Road, Santa Clara, CA 95051 attn:  Don Callejon

SCUSD Hall of Fame Members

Carney Lansford Major League Baseball Third Baseman Wilcox High School 1975
Clarence "Rip" Miller Premier Santa Clara High School Coach for 25 Years Santa Clara High School 1926
Claudia Kolb Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer - Greatest Female Swimmer of her Era Santa Clara High School 1968
Donna De Varona Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Santa Clara High School 1965
Nino Bongiovanni Major League Baseball Outfielder Santa Clara High School 1933
Margaret Jenkins A Pioneer in Women's Sports\World Class Track and Field\Olympic Competitor Santa Clara High School 1921
Mark Spitz Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Santa Clara High School 1968
Justice Edward A. Panelli Associate Justice Supreme Court, State of California Santa Clara High School 1946
Steve Bartkowski NFL Quarterback Buchser High School 1971
Mike Garzoni NFL Football Guard Santa Clara High School 1941
Don Schollander Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Santa Clara High School 1964
Austen Warburton "Mr. Santa Clara" Santa Clara High School 1934
Ted Keech Good Samaritan Santa Clara High School 1931
Dr. John Aberle Dean of SJSU Marketing Department Santa Clara High School 1936
George Haines USA Swimming Coach SCUSD Faculty
Kim Welshons World Champion Synchronized Swimmer Santa Clara High School 1968
Mark Langston All Star Major League Baseball Pitcher Buchser High School 1978
Trenton Keeble Astronaut Wilcox High School 1971
Anna Chavez TV News Co-Anchor Peterson High School 1972
Brian Boitano Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater Peterson High School 1981
Joseph Carrera Bank of America Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Santa Clara High School 1934
Heather Simmons Carrasco Olympic Gold Medal Aquamaid Santa Clara High School 1988
Tony Anselmo Disney Studio Animator and Voice of Donald Duck Peterson High School 1978
John Sanchez Santa Clara Postmaster Santa Clara High School 1943
Penny Deen World Class Marathon Swimmer and Coach Peterson High School 1973
Carlos Noriega NASA Astronaut Wilcox High School 1978
Mary Hile-Nepfel All American Basketball Player and Championship Coach Peterson High School 1978
George Brown Santa Clara Community Leader Santa Clara High School 1938
Gary Filizetti President and Owner Devcon Construction Firm Santa Clara High School 1963
Dick Barrett Award Winning Journalist Santa Clara High School 1928
Joe Bottom All American Swimmer-Olympic Gold Medal Winner Santa Clara High School 1973