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Times Online September 17, 2005

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Vivendi/PS2 (£34.99)

Radical’s latest console caper allows players to go on the rampage as the angry green giant. You can speed around the sprawling city as fast as a cheetah, as well as tear up and terrify the neighbourhood with anything to hand, such as cars, buses or uprooted trees.

The story pans out across more than 25 missions, each with sub chapters and all boasting a respect for the Hulk’s comic-book heritage. This is perhaps no surprise since the cult writer Paul Jenkins, of Hulk magazine, worked on the script.

For those who want to work their way through the missions, taking on a number of major bosses along the way, including the aptly named Abomination, the game will keep you gripped for several weeks. Yet it also offers a quick fix for those who need to release pent-up frustration after a gruelling day at work. Leisurely plucking helicopters out of the sky can be immensely satisfying, as can grabbing a handful of trees to toss around like darts, damning the consequences. Sufficient pounding on brick walls will not only bring down the house, it can reduce entire office blocks to rubble. When the Hulk is not bashing them to bits, he can also climb the tower blocks to gain handy vantage points to spot foes, or simply to decide which part of the city to destroy next.

All in all, this sensibly avoids the existential longueurs that Ang Lee brought to the underwhelming film version, in favour of the tried-and-tested mantra: “Hulk smash!”


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