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FACE Project

Research Project: Implications of Global Change for Rangeland Management

Location: Cheyenne, WY / Ft Collins, CO (RRRU)

2005 Annual Report

4d.Progress report.
This report documents research conducted under Specific Cooperative Agreement 5409-11000-003-05S between ARS and the Department of Renewable Resources, University of Wyoming, entitled “Implications of global change for rangeland management”. Additional details of research can be found in the report for the parent project 5409-11000-003-00D titled "GLOBAL CHANGE: Responses and Management Strategies for Semi-arid Rangelands."

This past year was spent revising an experimental plan for new collaborative research on a new Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment, installing instrumentation for the newly designed experiment, and taking baseline measurements of site vegetation and soils. As noted in our other sibling report (CRIS 5409-11000-003-05S; High plains free air CO2 enrichment study), we significantly changed our experimental design of this field CO2 enrichment experiment to.
1)implement CO2 enrichment via rings rather than the proposed gradient FACE system,.
2)remove legumes from the CO2 enrichment experiment,.
3)and add warming and water treatments to the CO2 treatments. The addition of the warming treatments and removal of legumes was by recommended of an Expert Panel which reviewed the Rangeland Resources Research Unit along with three other ARS units in March, 2005. The same Expert Panel suggested we implement a separate legume experiment to evaluate how different legume species cycled N, and also any weed problems that might result from inter-seeding legumes into rangelands. Plans for these two later experiments are underway. Thirty rings were established for the FACE Experiment in June, 2005, and soil and plant samples taken in July to characterize the site. Installation of the field plots is continuing through the summer of 2005, and the global change treatments of the experiment are expected to commence in Spring, 2006.


Project Team
Morgan, Jack
Williams David - Associate Professor
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