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Saul Albert and Michael Weinkove residency at InterSpace Media Art Center
Saul Albert and Michael Weinkove, of 'The People Speak' (http://theps.net) are visiting Sofia for a two-week residency from May 17th - May 31st. They are bringing some projects that they hope to work on while they're staying at InterSpace.


talkaoke is a mobile chat-show that invites participants to air their
views around the talkaoke table ('the doughnut'). The host sits in the
middle on a swivel chair wielding the microphone and smoothing the flow
of discussion between participants. The talkaoke table's internal
battery-powered audio and video projection system broadcasts live into
whatever environment it is placed in, and onto the Internet, where
remote participants can make their contributions to the debate via email
and irc.

The tone and content of conversation shifts unpredictably from raucous
and irreverent to serious and intimate; anything can happen except two
things: no singing and no punch-ups.

for more information, see http://talkaoke.com

In Sofia, we are hoping to set up talkaoke at art openings, bars, open
spaces, concerts, film-screenings, and anywhere that people are likely
to want to talk to each other! We are also hoping that someone will be
willing to host talkaoke in Bulgarian. If you know of a good place to
try talkaoke, or you speak Bulgarian, have a flair for conversation
and would like to try being the host do get in touch: ms@theps.net

Traffic Island Disks:

Traffic Island Disks is a radio programme about music, people and
spaces. We roam the streets looking for people wearing headphones, stop
them, and interview them while recording whatever they are listening to.
The result is a half hour tour of an area of London (so far), heard
through people's personal tastes and rhythms.

You can find out more about the programme and listen to some archived
broadcasts at http://www.traffic-island.co.uk. Traffic Island Disks goes
out irregularly on Resonance FM, (http://www.resonancefm.com) London's
art radio station.

We want to do a traffic-island discs in Sofia, as London music is not
always very interesting. If you speak Bulgarian, and would be
interesting in doing the interviews for a Sofia version of the
programme, that would be great. Please get in touch : ms@theps.net

the Distributed Library Project

How often do you actually use the books on your bookshelf? Maybe 0.1% of
the time? And do you realise that your collection .the interconnections
and paths through the knowledge contained in the books is a hugely
valuable resource in itself. And do you remember who you lend books to,
and don't you wish you could so they would give them back!

The Distributed Library project sets out to deal with these questions,
it is a shared library catalogue where each person can nominate their
collection of books as a library, and themselves as a librarian, sharing
the physical paper resources, but also making public their own unique
collections and categorisation systems for their books. It even provides
an electronic library card system so you can keep track of who has your

You can use the DLP by finding your local node in this page of worldwide
dlp nodes: http://dlpdev.theps.net/ListOfExistingDlpNodes or download the software and install your own.

During our stay in Sofia, we would love to develop a Bulgarian version
of this library cataloguing software. We are also aware that it is silly
that it only shares books - not tools, objects and other things. We
would really like some help with this, so if you are a software
engineer, a librarian or a person interested in those areas of
expertise, or are starting/running a non-institutional library, it
would be great to talk about this. Please get in touch: ms@theps.net

27 Benkovski Str. Ent. 2 fl. 1 ap. 18
Sofia 1000
+359 (2) 983 48 43


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