The Road To Lisp Survey

A newbie-by-newbie survey of what led folks to give Lisp a serious try and what they think of it. Especially interesting are young Lispniks and those who have tried Lisp only recently, but old-timer responses are welcome, too.

Survey questions below are not meant to constrain respondents. Some questions will not apply, and some things you might want to share may not answer any question. Say it anyway! There is no need even to respond in Q&A; format. Just explain how you got to Lisp and what you think of it.

To respond, simply edit The Road to Lisp Questions, select all, copy, back off that page, click "Create new page", type in your name (real name, please, and no dots after any initials or it won't work) as the page name, paste, and then revise as necessary leaving the first sentence unchanged. Nota bene! Do notdelete the HTML markup characters or the star-parens around stuff, those things pretty up the survey and link it to the rest of the survey.

If you are in a hurry, I recommend the RtL Highlight Film. There you will find one excerpt from most responses (95%) and a matching link to the full Road behind the excerpt.

Or try a structured approach:

Or just poke around at random in the responses to date:

See also the comp.lang.lisp thread Your Introduction To Lisp... from 2002.
And of course YoungLispers? often mention how they got involved with Lisp.