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21 September 2006 ALEXANDER GOES OFFSHORE TO ENCOURAGE NORTH SEA INVESTMENT Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP reiterated the importance of offshore industries to the Scottish economy as he visited an important North Sea development today
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13 September 2006 September Labour Market Statistics for Scotland Office for National Statistics (ONS) data released today show that there was no change in the level of unemployment in Scotland over the quarter. more More

23 August 2006 SCOTLANDíS INTERESTS TO NORWEGIAN OIL CONFERENCE Scottish interests are being put to the fore by Scotland Office Minister David Cairns during a two-day tour to meet Norwegian Government and oil industry representatives in Stravengar. more More

23 August 2006 INCREASING HOLIDAY ENTITLEMENT The ability to spend time away from the workplace is an important component of work-life balance and can help reduce stress Scotland Office Minister David Cairns said today more More


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The Scotland Office, headed up by the Secretary of State for Scotland, is part of the Department for Constitutional Affairs, based in Whitehall, London. The Officeís key roles are to:

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