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What we do

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Reserved & Devolved Matters

Reserved Matters include:

  • The Constitution
  • Foreign affairs
  • Defence
  • International development
  • The Civil Service
  • Financial and economic matters
  • National security
  • Immigration and nationality
  • Misuse of drugs
  • Trade & Industry
  • Various aspects of energy regulation (e.g. electricity; coal, oil and gas; nuclear energy)
  • Various aspects of transport (e.g. regulation of air services, rail and international shipping)
  • Social security
  • Employment
  • Abortion, genetics, surrogacy, medicines
  • Broadcasting
  • Equal opportunities

A more detailed list of reserved matters can be viewed in Schedule 5 of the Scotland Act. You can view Schedule 5 on the website of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. Please note that Schedule 5 has been amended since the Scotland Act gained Royal Assent.

Devolved Matters include:

  • Health and social work
  • Education and training
  • Local Government and housing
  • Justice and police
  • Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  • The environment
  • Tourism, sport and heritage
  • Economic development and internal transport

Information on devolved matters can be obtained from www.scotland.gov.uk the website of the Scottish Executive.

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