SUMMARY: Solaris 2.0 vs 2.1

From: Demetrios Stellas (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1992 - 16:52:19 CDT

Thanks to all who responded to my original query; (too many to list)
all responses were pretty consistent but the one (listed below) from
Matt Delcambre (Sun Gulf Coast Region SE) seemed to cover all the

Original query:
> I am looking for information pertaining to the "official" release of
> Solaris 2.0. I recently received my SunExpress catalog and the entire
> Solaris 2.0 set is listed (including AnswerBook). Upon calling sun I
> received conflicting reports about this software. Some say its a beta and that
> Solaris 2.1 will be the "official" release, others at sun say it is the
> "official" release. Any light that could be shed on the Solaris question
> (no pun intended) would be greatly appreciated.


Solaris 2.0 FCS'd in June 1992. It is an "official" release but only
supports the sun4c architectures (SS1, SS1+, IPC, IPX, SS2, SLC, ELC).

It has no support for mulitple processors.

All software contract customers should have received a letter from Sun
asking them if they would like receive this release.

This release was aimed at software developers.

In December 1992, Sun will release the next version of Solaris (2.1).
This will support all sun4 hardware including SuperSPARC and mulitple
processors. All contract customers should be receiving this

Demetrios N. Stellas

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