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Forty Years In the Mormon Church

by Bishop R.C. Evans, Toronto Canada 1920

[This old book provides excellent historical accounts of Mormonism's early history, demonstrating without question that Mormonism is "the lying wonder of the Latter Days." It was the author's hope that the honest in heart, under the bondage of Mormonism, "would make their escape and find peace and joy in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible." Please take time to read the short Preface which the author wrote in February of 1920].

Chapters which deal with Mormonism in general have been posted. Chapters which deal more specifically with the Reorganized Mormon church have not been posted.

PREFACE - On This Page

Chapter 1:  Mormonism - - - It's Early History

  • My Childhood Faith
  • My First Doubt
  • Affidavit of Willard Chase
  • Affidavit of Isaac Hale, Father-In-Law of Smith
  • Z.H. Gurley
  • The Gold Plates
  • Translation Perfect?
  • Many Parts Copied from the Bible and Other Books
  • Early History in America
  • The Spaulding Story, or Manuscript Found
  • The Witnesses Leave the Church

Chapter 2: Was Joseph Smith A Polygamist?

  • Brief History of Smith and Mormonism
  • Churches All Wrong
  • Book of Abraham
  • Smith Vile, Yet Prophet of God?
  • Was Joseph Smith Immoral?
  • Polygamy
  • Mormon Excuse for Lying About Polygamy in Early Church Years
  • Three Witnesses
  • Joseph Smith, the Son of the Prophet
  • Emma Smith
  • Isaac Sheen Testifies
  • William Marks Testifies
  • Joseph Smith's Last Revelation on Polygamy
  • Joseph Smith's Idol - Polygamy
  • J.W. Briggs Testifies
  • Ebenezer Robinson Testifies
  • The Last Straw
  • Mormons Teach God the Father and Christ Had Many Wives and that Polygamists Will Become Gods and Preside Over Worlds Like God
  • Statement Quoted from Book of Abraham
  • Mormons Teach Christ Had Many Wives, Was Not Begotten by the Holy Ghost but by Adam, and that Adam is the God of This World
  • Mormons Teach God and Jesus Were Polygamists
Chapter 3: Mormonism Against the World
  • There Are But Two Churches
  • God and Christ Visit Joseph Smith
  • Reorganized Mormons Deny That God and Christ Appeared to Joseph Smith
  • John the Baptist Ordained Smith and Cowdery
  • Baptized Each Other - Holy Ghost Before Ordination or Confirmations
  • Ordained Elders Confirmed for Holy Ghost Long After They Had It
  • Smith and Cowdery Ordained by Peter, James and John
  • Pratt on Angelic Ordination
  • Young Joseph Says No Angels Came
  • Ministry Must Be Called by Revelation
  • Priests Not Called by God
  • Apostles Led Church Into Great Sin
Chapter IV: History of the Reorganized Church - Not Posted
  • Jason W. Briggs
  • William Marks
  • Zenos H. Gurley
  • William W. Blair
  • Samuel Powers
  • Joseph Smith the Second
Chapter V: The Proper Name of the Church
  • Are They Mormons?
  • Baptism for the Dead
  • The Prophetic Revelations of Joseph Smith Proved False By His Own People, While They Followed Him They Were Comrades of Angels, But As Soon As They Denounced Him they Were Guilty of Most Every Crime.
  • Testimony of Joseph Smith and the Church Authorities of the Three Witnesses and The Book of Mormon
  • Sidney Rigdon
  • William Law
  • Lyman E. Johnson
  • Orson Hyde
  • William Smith
  •   J.C. Bennet
  • Warren Parrish
  • Bishop John Corrill
  • Missouri Army
  • The Nauvoo House
  • The Coming Christ
  • Slavery Advocated by Joseph Smith
  • Revelation on War Given Dec. 25th, 1832
  • Joseph Smith's Prophecy on the Rebellion and The War of 1860-4
  • Joseph Smith Was Not A Temperance Advocate
Chapter VI: Book of Abraham
  • Plurality of Gods
  • Danites
  • Blood Atonement
  • All Churches Corrupt
  • No Salvation Outside Book of Mormon
  • Holy Scriptures Translated By Smith
Chapter VII: United States vs. Mormon Church
  • Smith Organized A Kingdom - Destroy All Nations
  • United States to be Destroyed
  • Missouri Sink to Hell
  • Smith Ordained King
  • Printing Press Destroyed
  • Smith Arrested for Treason
  • Smith Claims to be Like Christ
  • Smith Called for Pipe, Tobacco and Wine
  • Smith Killed Two Men - Last Act
Chapter VIII: The Book of Commandments - Not Posted
  • Book Complete, and Sold
  • Revelations Changed
  • Cowdery'-Gift of the Rod
  • Smith's First and Greatest Revelation Not Published in B.C. or D.C.
  • Revelations Added To
  • Revelations - How Received
  • Revelations - Smith Only One to Receive
  • God Wrote Preface to Book
  • Peter, James, John Ordained
  • Reorganized Prophet's Revelation
  • Young Joseph Not Trusted With Money
  • Revelations on R.C. Evangs and Fred Smith
  • Luff to be Apostle and Doctor
  • Luff Not to be Apostle and Doctor
  • Fred's False Revelation Regarding Bishop
  • False Revelations, Rejected and Corrected
  • Leading Men Denounce Revelation
  • Leading Men Left the Church
Chapter IX: The Order of Enoch
  • History and Demands of the Order
  • Deed All Property
  • Order of Enoch Organized
  • Order of Enoch Described
  • Secret Names Given
  • All Must Join the Order
  • No Salvation Out of the Order
  • Young Joseph Not Trusted by the Lord
  • Revelation Shows Church Robbed the People
  • Robs Man of His Liberty
  • The Questionnaire
Chapter X: A Brief Examination of Alleged Proofs That The Book of Mormon Is of Divine Authenticity
  • Claims to Come From God
  • J.C. Bennet
  • Claims to Contain Fullness of the Gospel
  • Claims to Convince Jew and Gentile Jesus Is the Christ
  • Claims to be History of Ancient America
  • Bible Prophets Examined
  • Smith, Harris, vs. Anthon and Mitchell
Chapter XI: Priesthood
  • Two Priesthoods in the Mormon Church, Melchisedec and Aaronic
  • Salvation Only Through the Mormon Priesthood
  • The Work of Aaronic Priests
  • Aaronic Priesthood Abolished in Christ
  • Aaronic Priesthood Abolished and the Melchisedec Introduced
Chapter XII: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream - Daniel's Vision - Not Posted
  • Deception of Morminism in Days and Years
  • Evans Dragged Into Court
  • The Law-Suit
  • Bishop Evans' Challenge to President Smith


"Forty Years In the Mormon Church"

My reasons for presenting this little volume to the public are:-

First, that because my sermons have gone over the world for many years, millions of them have been published by the Canadian and American press, and the church has constantly advertised them, the consciousness that the world has the right to know from me, why I have left the church, advises me to present the facts.

Second, many books have been published by those who knew nothing of the inner workings of Mormonism. I have endeavored to give the true history of Mormonism, quoting very largely from their own works, and bringing into prominence the teaching of the Prophets, Seers and Revelators and other leading ministers.

Third, having been ordained to seven different offices in the Mormon Priesthood, from Priest to the Presidency of the church, standing next to Joseph Smith [ BBRP note: this is Joseph Smith Jr., Reorganized Church] himself in the Highest Council of the church, the world will be interested to read the facts from one who has escaped from the Mormon thraldom.

Fourth, notwithstanding the cruel treatment that has been inflicted upon me by the leaders of the church from the moment they knew that I had determined to warn the world, I have tried to keep my heart from bitterness, but have, in this little volume, endeavored to show that Mormonism is the lying wonder of the Latter Days, with the hope that the honest in heart, now 'under the yoke of bondage will, like tens of thousands before them, make their escape and find peace and joy in the gospel of Christ as revealed in the Bible.

My earnest prayer for the many honest people of the church is, that they will abandon Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, the Book of Commandments, and all the other fraudulent works of Mormonism and embrace Christ and the gospel as presented in the Word of God.

The Reorganized "Mormon Church" does not teach or practice polygamy. Their great sin is in denying that Joseph Smith, their prophet, seer and revelator, received revelations commanding the church to enter into that God dishonoring and woman debasing doctrine under pain of eternal damnation, in denying that he taught, practiced and advocated it, privately, while he denied it publicly.

If human evidence is to be relied upon, then this book proves that the leading presidents, apostles, bishops, high priests, including the celebrated "Three Witnesses," as also many of Smith's own relatives declare that he had revelations commanding the church to enter into the practice of polygamy, and tens of thousands certify that they had many wives in consequence of his example and commandments.

When these testimonies were confirmed unto me, then I could no longer believe that God and Christ visited and conversed with Smith, that John the Baptist and Peter, James and John ordained him to the priesthood and that many other heavenly personages visited him, and I finally, under the blessing of God, came out to tell the world the facts.

Yours sincerely,

R. C. Evans

Toronto, Ontario,
Feb. 12th, 1920.

Chapter 1: Mormonism -   It's Early History
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