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  • Thursday Purse-Day!!

    4th October 2006

    It’s almost Thursday!  it’s almost Purse-Day!!!

    hk 003.jpg

    This is my newest acquisition.  i really do have a problem.  This is another Hello kitty Bag….i’m currently using it as my knitting bag.  hahahaha.  I got it on sale on Monday…half off half off.  So it was a STEAL.

    Look at the cute little pattern on the bag.  Do you see Hello Kitty?  No Aubyn…this is NOT a Rorschach Test. ;)

    hk 004.jpg

    Anddddd….I got a matching little bag for the bag.  It’s supposed to be a pencil bag…but i could totally put some double points in it! :)   tee-heeeeeeee

    hk 008.jpg  hk 007.jpg

    I’ll post later this week about the WIP’s i’m working on.  :)

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    Ruffles have ridges…

    4th October 2006

    I finished the ruffles scarf. This was one of the easiest things ever to knit…but slow going. it took me about a week to do…but there were some days of inactivity. hahahaa.

    ruffles 004.jpg


    ruffles 011.jpg

    Top view of it tied on the mannequin.

    ruffles 015.jpg

    Side view of it tied on the mannequin.

    ruffles 002.jpg

    I didn’t realize how blurry the above picture was until i was uploading it now. so im’ not going to make it clickable to the full sized image. but i wanted to show the length of the scarf. :)

    Project: Ruffled Scarf (available in the Online knitting magazine)
    Yarn: ONlinie 194 Solo
    Amount of yarn used: exactly 3 skeins (patten calls for 4…but it was long enough with 3 skeins)
    Colors: Color 02
    Needle Size: US6
    Date Started: Sept 27, 2006
    Date Finished: October 4, 2006

    Simpatico yarns is selling this yarn now. I offered to make the sample for the store…and Mary Jane asked me to teach a class. This scarf is SO easy..you don’t need a class! but I will do a tutorial on how to work with the funky yarn b/c it is a bit difficult. It took me like 30 min to figure out how it all worked. so yes…no class..but a learning session. I cannot teach. but i can “assist”. :)

    can’t wait to see the Knit Grrrls tonight. :)

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    I’m a bad secret/exchange pal…and i had a busy weekend. lol

    3rd October 2006

    So it came to my attention that i haven’t posted to the ISE3 exchange blog about my progress on the scarf i’m supposed to make. honestly, i havent started it. i have picked the yarn and the pattern. just haven’t started yet. no worries..i’ll have it done soon.

    I got my Warshrag exchange gift in the mail last week. My weekend was prety busy w/ my brother being in town and all. I tried to clean up my apt for his arrival….i only got like half way finished. hahaah. but when my brother is in town…we dont do much..but we do everything together. We went to see Jackass 2 (so disgusting but hilarious), ate a WHOLE lot, and just hung out. that’s what we always do when he comes to town. we are really close and we don’t get to see each other TOO often…so doing nothing is still pretty awesome. But this weekend i had to drive him around everywhere since he decided to fly up instead of drive up like he usually does. people questioned why we did it this way…but ultimately…it’s b/c with this trip he gets his free ticket from SW for just $80 round trip. but b/c i played chauffer….i had to miss out on that baby shower I made the camoflauge sweater for. The sweater was a BIG HIT at the shower from what i heard….yay!

    oh but ANYWAY..i got my Warshrag gift in the mail! THANK YOU SO MUCH, The Notorioius Mrs. B!!! She went ABOVE and beyond w/ my package.

    MDK 002.jpg

    MDK 003.jpg

    So someone made me an HK Felted pin. this was just awesome. i didn’t even see this until today when i went through the package again. Linda, you are AWESOME!!!

    and amongst all these goodies..i have a WARSHRAG!!

    MDK 004.jpg

    i love the colors. thank you so very very much!!

    i need to get on the ball and MAIL my warshrag out! it’s already made and ready to go..i just need to freaking mail it. i’m such a bad exchange pal lately…

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    Thursday Purse-Day!!

    28th September 2006


    it’s Thursday! it’s purse time!! :)


    this is a Matt & Nat purse. I found this gem at my hospital gift shop! i have a few of their bags, actually…b/c they are just SO niiiiiiiice. Some background info on them….they are vegans who make vegan bags out of Vancouver! so they are Canadian, eh? heheheh. this isn’t one of my typical bags. it’s green (which i’m starting to like more and more)…and no straps. But i used it as a knitting bag for a little while..until i filled it up so much it got heavy to carry around. tee-hee.

    I have been knitting!

    remember my SSSSSSSS sock? I loved it so much, i made a pair for myself in chocolate brown. :) this is one of the easiest pair of socks i’ve ever made. I did have to make a few modifications: i had to do less repeats in the cuff b/c my calves are so big, socks wo’nt go over them.

    socks and scarf 002.jpg socks and scarf 004.jpg

    Project: Petticoat Sock (Available in Weekend Knitting)
    Yarn: Steinbach Wolle Merino Soft
    Amount of yarn used: 1.5 skeins for a size 4 foot
    Colors: Color 16
    Needle Size: US1 - pattern says US 2…i’m a bit of a loose knitter, so i did US1
    Date Started: Sept 21, 2006
    Date Finished: Sept 24, 2006

    i”m also working on a scarv sample for Simpatico Yarns. it was a bit tricky figuring it out at first…but once i got it, i think i got it. MaryJane wants me to teach the class. i have reservations about teaching…i fear i’m not patient enough to teach. I don’t want to snap on someone and things go chaotic. hahahaha. I’m considering it now though b/c it’s not too hard to do. just time consuming. :) but isn’t it knitting up nice? it’s really grown on me. at first i was all “ewwwww….” but now i’m all OOOOH :)

    socks and scarf 006.jpg socks and scarf 007.jpg

    The first picture is more of how the color really is. the 2nd pic…i think my ott lite was screwing w/ the color balance. i’m too lazy right now to fix it or retake. so far i’m loving it. i keep thinking “lasagna noodles!” hahaha. but i took it to knit nite tonight and i got lots of oohs and aahs…so that makes me very happy :)

    more info about this scarf will be posted later ;) the yarn is available at Simpatico Yarns now. Price..i have no idea. pattern…we’ll see ;)

    i can’t believe it’s already September 28th. sigh. time is zooming by me too fast. i feel so old.

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    I want this scarf…..i do’nt know why

    22nd September 2006

    I’m a big fan of Law and Order: SVU.  i was watching the season premiere the other night.  Of course….one of the victims was wearing this beautiful scarf….


    Isn’t it awesome!?  i would love to make it for myself!  anyone recognize the pattern? :)

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    Thursday Purse-Day!!

    21st September 2006

    It’s Thursday! It’s another Purse-Day!!


    Now…y’all know that I was going to post this up sooner or later. YES…i bought one of these ages ago when they came out. i’ve never had the chance to use it of course. hahaah. but i love it to death. i love it so much..i bought one of these as well…


    HAHAHA yes..i have a problem.

    Thanks for all the compliments on the sock I posted yesterday. i’m really loving the stitch pattern. i love it so much, i’m making a smaller pair for myself in a dark chocolate brown. :) tee-hee. The fact that it’s done on fatter yarn make this a VERY fast knit. i highly recommend it.

    bw sss 2.jpg here’s the info on the sock….

    Project: Petticoat Sock (Available in Weekend Knitting)
    Yarn: Steinbach Wolle Merino Soft
    Amount of yarn used: 1 full skein and a SMIDGEN of a 2nd..for a 9.5sz foot
    Colors: Color 15
    Needle Size: US1 - pattern says US 2…i’m a bit of a loose knitter, so i did US1
    Date Started: Sept 14, 2006
    Date Finished: Sept 16, 2006

    NOTE: I had to use Wooly Nylon to re-enforce the heel and toe b/c this yarn isn’t “sock yarn”.

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    20th September 2006

    I had a post here already to post up the other day.



    i did another movie review about “The Last Kiss” (in my opinion, a really good movie, but very emotional).  BTW…i really dig the movie poster for some reason..might be the BW photo.  and the soundtrack was superb.

    Then for some reason, my computer decided to take a break.  lost the post. Lost the momentum to re-write it.

    i think i’m in the mood to write some of it again.  haaha

    I was looking at my sitemeter stats and was looking at some of the search engine terms used when ppl find my site.  here is a list of some of the things ppl type into Google, Altavista, Yahoo Search…

    • seasilk vintage colorway - 1
    • Purse ho blog - 1
    • living working shoping nude - 2
    • biberon yarn - 2
    • seasilk blog - 2
    • knit “2 socks 1 circ” ” toe up” - 3
    • purse 2006 - 4
    • kottou cardigan - 5, 6
    • vintage purse fake rock  - 6
    • kitty purse knitting pattern - 6
    • mason dixon kimono pattern mistake - 7
    • purse car fabric - 7
    • Jen Jen’s Chinese Restaurant - 10
    • stingray purse sale - 11
    • purse camera bag - 18
    • hong kong ho.com - 22
    • ghetto weddings - 78

    The search terms that really bothered me:  living working shoping nude, hong kong ho.com

    I don’t even KNOW how that first one pulled up my blog.  but it’s kind of ….worrisome.    Hong kong ho.com?  was someone looking for some hooker action for a future trip to Hong Kong?  the number next to the term is the number it showed up when ppl typed in these search criteria.  I thought the fact that Ghetto Weddings showed up was funny.  I show post a pic from that ghetto-rific wedding to prove it wasn’t made up.  hahaha

    so i finished my friend’s little cardigan.  I did it in Bernat Camoflauge yarn.  EWWW.  I must say.  I will not use that stuff again unless i HAVE TO.  it felt nice on the ball…but as I was knitting it, i thought it was so rough that my left index finger was going to be sawed off by the roughness.   its’ a cute cardigan.  I made a matching hat too…nothing special.  just a basic baby hat.


    sss sock 008.jpg

    This hasnt’ been one of my favorites mainly b/c of the yarn.  But it’ll be a big hit at the baby shower next week. :)   ugh..i just noticed the point of view i took the picture at makes the left arm of the cardigan look shorter than the right side.  it’s the same length!  i swear it is!

    I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on my top down cardigan made of Nashua.  i haven’t felt inspired to pick it up and knit away.  i carry it w/ me wherever i go..but do i touch it?  not really. sigh…we’ll see how it goes.  I DO intend to finish it..it’s a cardigan for me…FOR ONCE! :)

    So with my knit group, we are doing a SSS - single sock swap.  we were assigned pals amongst ourselves and we are to knit ONE sock by Nov…then gift it to our recipient w/ the remainder of the yarn and pattern for the 2nd sock.  that way we only have to knit one sock (of each pattern) and we will end up w/ a full pair! :)   it’s been fun so far…. i hope my recipient likes what i picked for her.  :)   I didn’t think it would be a fast sock….

    bw sss 2.jpg bw sss.jpg



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    The Office

    16th September 2006

    how many peeps love watching the US version of “THe Office“?  I LOVE IT!  I have been told many times over that the Brit version is way funnier…but i haven’t seen any of those.   i love John Krasinski, the guy that plays Jim and i love Steve Carrell…i think he’s exceptionally funny.

    I was reading some of the entertainment blogs today and oen of them had this picture of Phyllis….


    I think it’s hilarious she is knitting on Paton’s Melody and using gigantic Lion Brand needles.  hAHAHA   I almost forgot about the Christmas episode where Phyllis knit an OVEN MITT for Michael.  i was watching that episode w/ non-knitters and when that happened on the episode…they all turned, looked at me, and started laughing saying “that’s you!”.  ok, bitches.  I would never KNIT a gigantic mitten and hot glue felt on the hand and call it an oven mitt!!!  please.  i would have made a nice one and felted it properly instead of gluing FELT to it and passing off a retarded mitten as an oven mitt! hahaha

    a little eye candy…


    i totally hate his haircut. hahahaha.

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    Thursday Purse-Day!!

    14th September 2006

    It’s Thurday!  it’s another Purse-Day!!


    Ok..this isn’t really a purse.  It’s a BuiltNY gourmet getaway Lunch bag. hahaha

    I LOVE LOVE BuiltNY bags. I love Neoprene.  It’s so easy to carry, everything inside stays so padded.  I always check the camping area at Target for these bags.  This gem I found at Sharper Image.  I was grabbing it to gawk at it and the saleslady was going on and on about how the bag made her want to start taking her lunch to work.  and i said “i was goign to use it at a purse.”  her eyes got all big and she was all “OOOOOH…what a great idea!”  hahaha

    There is knitting going on in my life.  I have a photo of my shawl hanging on a hanger at Simpatico.

    FOs 012.jpg

    marvel in its glory! muahahah!

    I also finished a baby set for a friend of mine who is due in November.  Her baby shower is at the end of the month…so of course…hat and sweater set it shall be!!!  I used the pattern i fudged together.  that baby sweater is a top down cardigan.  it knits SO FAST.  i wasn’t even really working hard on it and it took me less than 3 days.  i was reminded the other day by the soon-to-be-daddy that i needed to have something knitted for baby soon.  i told him…yes…don’t worry..maybe i had something knitted already.  Then he mentioned the baby set better match his camoflauge outfit.  HUH???  that’s crazy talk!  who knew they have CAMOFLAUGE YARN.  Bernat Camoflauge yarn!  this stuff felt so nice on the skein.  it feels like caca knitted up.  So i still need to wash and block it out…hopefully it’ll soften up after i wash it.  i finished the hat earlier today.  i’ll post pics up of the set tomorrow after i wash and block. :)

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    OH…MY….GAWD…it’s FINISHED!!!

    9th September 2006

    So i was determined to finish this shawl that i have been working on for forever!! i put everything else on hold so i could finish this! i’m tired of looking at it! :D

    last night…at 430a…i finished. FINISHED. FIN-ISH-ED. YAY!!!!! washed it in some kookaburra, blocked it out…and it’s done. The pictures I’m about to show are pictures of it blocking. At 2a…i thought “i’m almost done..i’ll just knit till 3a”. then at 3a…”i’m ALMOST finished….i’ll knit till 4a”. at 4a…i had like 10 sts left. I HAD TO FINISH IT!!

    I took it to Simpatico today to hang and beam in all it’s glory. I was flattered by the compliments. Mr. Joel stated that this was a beautiful shawl that he designed. sigh…always so humble. ahahah. i’ll take pictures of it hanging later. but for now….

    shetland shawl 010.jpg

    miles and miles of wool!

    shetland shawl 013.jpg

    Cat’s paw lace!

    shetland shawl 007.jpg

    TA-DA!! IT”S BLOCKING!!!!!

    bw shawl.jpg

    My little baby snuck into the photo on top of her catnip cardboard wheel.
    shetland shawl 018.jpg
    It’s 430a at this point. She was pissed and wanted me to go to bed so we could snuggle. hahahaha.
    Project: Shetland Shawl
    Yarn: Jojoland Melody
    Amount of yarn used: 3.5 skeins
    Colors: Y45
    Needle Size: US7
    Date Started: June 25, 2006
    Date Finished: Sept 8, 2006

    I will say this….this is the first time i’ve reallllllllllllly used my blocking board.  this was one of the best things I bought.  and…my blocking wires rock too!  that was a smart investment as well. :)

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    Thursday Purse-Day!!

    7th September 2006

    So my Labor Day was uneventful this year.   I ended up NOT having to work on Labor Day itself…so slept in till noon, got up…ate a little bit…fell back asleep, sold an old blackberry, went to borders, came home, ate some dinner…stayed up late…woke up late.  When i stay up late (like 4am late)…it screws me up for a long time.  So right now i’m trying to break a vicious cycle.

    So here is the purse (bag) of the week!


    So yes..i do own this bag.  No..iti’s not real.  I love love love love love fake bags!  there is no way in hell I would drop thousands of dollars on a bag.  But this one….came straight to me through a friend who was tryign to sell fakes….$40. HAHAHA> can’t beat that!  when i wear it, everyone always goes bug eyed and asks ‘is that REAL?”  hell no, it ain’t real! hahaha i put my laptop in it.  i’m a baller.

    So i have made  a commitment to quit hoarding stuff (yarn NOR hello kitty stuff is not included in this declaration) and clean up my home.  I will not end up like the Collyer brothers.   I will not die and have people say “man…she had alot of sh*t.”  They say the first step to dealing with issues is admitting the problem.  I HAVE A PROBLEM!

    So i bought a book at Bot-Gurl’s recommendation, read it…and i’m following the 12-step program. hahaah.  so today..i tackled my bedroom.  my gawd.  i just had a mountain of clothes laying on the floor.  I had no idea how many clothes were laying on the floor rather than hanging in my closet.  i got lots ready to give to Goodwill, gave some clothes to friends.  I had clothes that still had the tags on them…i got on super duper sale!  so sad.

    i feel better about myself today.   i am taking baby steps….but they feel like leaps to me today. hahaha.  i need to finsih cleaning my room…then i reallllllllllllly  need to tackle my computer/yarn room.  i’m scared.
    so in my cleaning frenzy, i found yarn.  lots of it.  i found some very very very coveted vintage Regia in my room!!  Before, only Bot-Gurl had this lucky lucky color….and TA-DA!  i had it too!  muahahahah!  actually, i’m glad I have it.  She’s been worried she doesn’t have enough yarn to finish her socks.  with my findings, i have enough to save her if she gets in a bind, and enough for a pair for MEEEE :)


    (props to Bot-Gurl for the photo..i stole it from her to show off the yarn)

    isn’t it pretttty!?  it’s VINTAGE! :) hahahah

    tonight at knit nite i was gifted!  look what i got from the Purling P’s!!

    purling ps kindness 002.jpg

    HELLO KITTY BAG!  how cool!!

    purling ps kindness 003.jpg


    purling ps kindness 004.jpg

    OH HOLY CRAP it’s KOIGU!!!

    thank you thank you thank you, GGP and PurlingPirate!  you guys were too generous!

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    2nd September 2006



    you rock!  i love the purse and all the goodies you included!  I love tea so much….and chocolate! WHOO!  you rock!

    and you know..i had no idea who you were until on the last comment you left here..you said “I think you have me figured out..don’t you?”  right THEN it clicked!  i had no idea until you did that! hahaha

    Thank you Bee @ Muntu Stitches. :)

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    Stick a fork in ‘em…they are DONE!

    31st August 2006


    The knitting gods have answered my prayers and forgiven me!!!

    bw trekking purple 3.jpg

    bw trekking purple 1.jpg

    I’m done! I’m DONE! i was so happy, i put them on, did a victory lap around Simpatico, took the pics and them promptly took them off. haahahaha

    Project: Socks
    Yarn: Trekking XXL
    Amount of yarn used: 2/3 of one skein
    Colors: Color 109
    Needle Size: US0
    Date Started: Aug 10, 2006
    Date Finished: Aug 31, 2006

    i’m so happy these are finally done.  I got these done just in time for Trek W/ Me!! 
    I just realized this is the first FO i’ve posted in like a month! WHAT IS WRONG W/ ME!?!? hahaah

    Now i need to concentrate on my shetland shawl. All i need for that is the edging….blocking…and i’ll be DONE!!

    and i need to concentrate on my top down cardigan. but there is so much i wanna dooo!!!

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    Thursday Purse-Day!!

    31st August 2006

    Here is the purse of the week!!

    lace clutch.jpg

    Isn’t this a cute bag? It’s a Banana Republic bag! At christmas, it seems that BR had the choice bags for me. But this one was given to me by my good friend Joseph for Christmas. haaha. He told me when he was shoping for me…he asked his sister for help and she said “How about a scarf?” MUAHAH! he said he just started laughing at her and said I would rather make a scarf than receive one from BR. true dat!! He knows me well. But he got me this bag so i could use it when i go “out” when i went to Toronto for Christmas. silly boy. He forgot that when i visit my family up north, i’m held prisoner and not allowed to do anything w/o my family’s permission.

    So i got cocky today and was boasting to my K9 girls that my feet are so small that I was going to finish my Trekking pair of socks TODAY. well oh well…i should know better than to boast! shame on me. I screwed up the toe so bad, it looked really pointy and didn’t fit right. SOOOO..i had to rip back to where i started decreasing for the toe. (That’s when i had sent out an email to them and said “oh look..i’m already decreasing for the toe…”) The knitting gods have spoken. DO NOT BOAST! hahaha I think i’ve screwed up royally on the rip back…sigh…..knitting gods, please forgive my arrogance!

    I’m still sick. I was coughing like crazy all day today….my throat is SO scratchy and disgusting. i have an appt with an Ear, Nose, Throat doc on friday..i can’t wait. i was told by my “witch doctor” last week i might have to have my tonsils taken out. Then i got sick on Monday. so i don’t know if the timing was right or what. But i wish i could see that ENT doc tomorrow to see if i relaly do need to have my tonsils taken out. I’m tired of being sick now. i thought it would pass like after a day….3 days later i’m still hacking up my lungs. sigh.

    So i’m working on fixing my socks….and working on my top down cardigan i’m supposed to be working on for Joel’s Class. i started to get excited about the socks and haven’t worked on the other projects since i was close to finishing. hehehe.

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    29th August 2006


    I know…big deal right? GGP had some and i felt it up, touched it, rubbed it on my cheek..and i fell in love. But for some reason..i thought sea silk only came in the color she got: Blue green. how stupid of me. so i wasn’t really …into it. hahah. i mean..i was..but i’m not a blue green gal. I saw on a website that they came in all these BEAUTIFUL COLORS!! i fell IN LOVE!! So i go and look for the colors that tickled my fancy….I then saw the price. $32+ a skein? OUCH!! and for the Shawl that GGP was working on..it took TWO SKEINS!! OWWWWWW!!!

    So i’m trying something new where when i shop online, i put a ton of items in a shopping cart…then i close the window. I don’t buy it. I have a bit of a hoarding problem and i need to get it in control. hahah. so it’s good i’ve realized my problems…i just need to “fix” them.

    ANYWAY..so i put a bunch of sea silk in my cart and then closed it. I don’t really NEED sea silk.

    i forgot about it for a little while. Then i saw pics of GGP’s shawl.…and omg…the love affair started again! So i rushed to that site again to put Sea Silk my basket…oh guess what. one of the colors i loved is SOLD OUT!! then another color i loved…there was only ONE SKEIN LEFT. so i bought single skeins of two colors that i like. but the original color i wanted bad…(Autumn)…i need to be on the hunt for. oh…but that website did have a pattern for a one skein scarf that is similar to GGP’s shawl.…. haaah i copy cat!




    I got some Mini Ringel Regia too. :) hahahah


    I think i’m getting sick. i felt flu-ish today and managed to get to work really late, went to lunch, came home and went straight to bed…took a 4 hour nap. i’m still feeling like ca-ca. i’m going to take alot of vicks 44 tonight to make me sleep and hopefully feel less like ca-ca.

    I went to this GHETTO wedding on Saturday afternoon where I was playing back-up photographer. I think the heat really wore me down and has helped w/ my current state of congestion. The f-ing wedding was OUTSIDE in 105F heat during peak heat hours. If that isn’t ghetto already, it got worse as time trampled on. It got to the point where i sat in my car for about 90 min w/ my AC on full blast and i took a mini nap b/c i just couldn’t take it anymore. i’m going to ask for DETAILS about weddings before I go to them b/c i ain’t going to no more OUTDOOR weddings unless it’s snowing outside.

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    Thursday Purse-Day!! and secret pal revelations!

    24th August 2006

    So i got the coolest card from my SP8 this weekend…w/ a revelation!!

    my secret pal is…..


    Thank you, Robin!!  you were one of the best secret pals EVER!!

    I also revealed myself to my secret pal this week when i sent her final package!

    My recipent was Knifty Knitter (Becky).  It’s been great being your secret pal! :)

    I hope with BOTH Sp8’s we can stay friends throughout the future!  :)

    It’s THURSDAY!!!  time for another PURSE!


    DO NOT mock the Hello Kitty doorknob cover! hahhahaha

    I got this purse to use at a wedding like 4 years ago. It’s pointless for me to buy cutesy purses for weddings because I take pictures at weddings and my camreas NEVER fit in the little purses! but my intentions were good. hahaa. this is one of my favorite little bags. I got it at Target for like $10. can’t beat that!

    So i have been knitting. i’m “trekking” (har har har!) along on my Trekking socks. they are sitting in my car right now…so id on’t want to go out and get them for pics. but i’m like almost done decreasing for the gusset. I can’t wait to be done with them! i really do not like top down socks. they just seem to take forever to me!

    I”m also working on the edging for our shetland shawl! the edging is pretty cool! no pics yet..it looks like a big mess. I will have pics once i’m finished and the shawl is blocked! i can’t wait!

    I’m also working on a top down cardigan w/ Joel. I’m behind in the class b/c for a while..i couldn’t figure out what yarn to use! i’m using my OWN STASH and using Nashua Cilantro! it’s so purrrrrty!!


    Now i’m supposed to have 9″ done already. I talked to Joel earlier today and he goes “did you get your 9″ yet?” i said “no..i’m almost there!” umm….NO. i’m not. HAHAAHAHA. but i’m going to knit like a fiend and get my 9″ done hopefully before the weekend. we’ll see. notice i’m using my Knitpicks interchangeable needles. ;) I will post more as I go along i hope. haha

    This week is a bit of a busy week. My friend asked me to go to the FTW Stockyards w/ her and take pics of her son w/ a cowboy hat and boots on …so she will have pics for her son’s bedroom done in a cowboy theme. i’ve never been to the Stockyards…so this will be interesting. Then on Saturday i was asked to be a backup photographer for a wedding. I really dont’ want to go to this wedding, but i’m too stupid to say no. so i’m goign to be stuck at a wedding i REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLy don’t want to be at. it’s going to be a Durango-style wedding….which means it’s a Hispanic Cowboy wedding. I’m totally dreading this.

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    love my socks (so far)

    19th August 2006

    So these are my Trekking socks so far…..(Color 109)

    purple trekking 002.jpg

    actually, i took this pic yesterday while at work. since this pic, i’ve finished the heel flap, turned the heel, picked up the side stitches, and i’m currently decreasing the gusset and working on the foot. i feel like i’m never going to finish these socks. haha

    Like the bag in the back? isn’t it TRE CUTE??? i found it at a boba place on thurs night and bought a couple b/c i knew Bot Gurl would want one. it’s the PERFECT bag for socks. tee-hee….this is a pre-thursday Purse-day entry. ahahah. The words on it are written all wrong. It’s your typical Engrish bag. And this is the best part…it was a FREAKING DOLLA. ONE DOLLAR. O-N-E D-O-L-L-A-R! can’t beat that! :)

    I dont cook too often…b/c it’s just me at home. i eat out alot. i’m not supposed to eat alot of dessert and cheesecake isn’t my FAVORITE…but i had to try. hahaa. i dont’ even know why i don’t cook more often. i like to cook. it’s fun….i enjoy my own food. hahaa. but eating is a social thing for me…time to talk, laugh, etc.

    last night i got a hankering to make a cheesecake. I’ve never made a cheesecake before and I found a recipe for a cheesecake…ASian style. Meaning…it’s not as sweet as regular cheesecake. The texture should be MUCh smoother…more like a very firm pudding. And there is fruit all over it. I got realy excited. I never make anything and take it to the shop for consumption.  I should contribute!  i’ve eaten my share of food over there!
    So i got all the ingredients…got a springform pan…blah blah blah. I was pretty excited. Well, i guess it was yummy. it’s all gone! everyone said it was good. i still have my doubts. hahaahah like everyone was just eating it and saying it was good to be nice. tee-hee.  Janice even had 2 slices.  I’m flattered.  she never eats that many sweets!!  i got a twinge of what it feels like to be my mom! she is an amazing cook! AMAZING. and people at church are always telling me how wonderful my mom’s food is. so this is what it feels like. hahaah.

    i saw more recipes i wanna try…Mango Pudding (one of my faves!!), Chow Fun, and more. we’ll see if this lasts. i tend to have a bit of ADD when it comes to this stuff. :)

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    Thursday Purse-Day!!

    16th August 2006

    Here is the purse of the week….i really do have this bag!


    This is one of the purses from the Geisha line that Banana Republic released when the movie was released in Dec 2005. As soon as I touched this purse, I knew i had to have it. This goes against all of my normal criteria. It’s not a sling purse. it’s not made out of easy-to-clean material. there is TASSLES!! and…it was around $50! EEEK! but i thought….i love this little bag too much! i’ll use it at weddings!! i haven’t been to a fancy wedding since I bought this bag…so it’s sitting untouched, unused and in perfect condition. :) i love this purse!

    So i AM knitting. I”m working on that purple pair of Trekking socks still. I”m not knitting feverishly like I usually do. My brother was in town this weekend and alot of knitting did NOT get done. plus I ran into a tangle w/ one of the balls of yarn for the socks….it was such a HUGE tangle, it took me like 2 hours to get it all untangled! AAARGH! words of advice…..never pull from the center w/ socks. just pull from the outside! Anyway….I hung out w/ my brother. It was good times. I miss him alot. we ate like hogs this weekend at our favorite restaurant. yum yum yum yumm…. plus this week i’ve been working on the Simpatico website. it’s just plain right now. we’ll just work on it slowly and figure out what the owner wants to do with it.
    knitting pics will be posted later. i’m too sleepy right now to take pics. :)

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    holy crap i missed thursday purse-day!!

    11th August 2006


    here is my bag of the week!


    So it’s no secret i like to take pictures.  I bought a Canon Rebel XT last year ..which i LOVE.   But travling w/ this camera has been…well, a bitch.  it’s huge.  and when i go out of town, i like just having a sling over bag.  that’s it.  i can’t juggle a purse, a huge camera bag…so this camera bag is the perfect solution.  it looks like a big purse.  it’s great!  it’s another Crumpler bag.  I’m in love w/ Crumpler bags.

    this week has been a bit of a crazy week.  i’ve been horribly tired…and i’m not sure why.   my brother is coming to town for a wedding and he’s staying w/ me.   of course, lazy ME.  i didn’t even really clean up for him.  i’m such a pig..it’s like why bother.  he knows i’m messy…he can just deal with it.  even though HE IS NOT a pack rat! hahaha sometimes i wonder how we are siblings…we’re so opposite.  I’m a pack rat..he is SOOO not a pack rat.  He is thin, i am fat.  He is athletic, i could care less about playing anything.  He’s tall (well, for our family he is), i’m horribly short.  well, we do have alot of simliarities.  tee-hee.

    but i have been knitting. i’m working on a pair of Trekking socks for MEEEE.  purple trekking..gotta love it!!  i’ve been *trying* to crochet a bit.  Just basic SC squares.  nothing fancy…nothing special.  but ppl keep saying “OMG!! are you CRO-CHET-ING!??!?!”  “it doesn’t look right!  something is wrong!!”  i only want to crochet to 1)  make twirly squirly scarves   2)  make crochet flowers.   Bot-Gurl told me that you can crochet a washcloth in like 30 min compared to like 2 hours w/ knitting.  so i was curious!! then someone said “you already knit fast enough!  why do you need to do something faster??”  like i said..i’m curious.  i’m doing this in the name of science.  hahaahaha.

    pics to come later…i’m just sleepy. :)   i came home tonight after a belated b-day dinner for Janice.  We hit up the Hanasho in Irving.  that was so good.  the Bento box was SOOO generous.  so i got home…fell asleep for a long time.  woke up b/c a friend called me…and it woke me up.  so it’s about 2 am now and i’m UP.  sigh….

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    my SP8 pal is freagggin AWESOME!

    7th August 2006

    I swear, whoever got me as a SP8 friend is da best in da world!!

    Sorry this post is late…i got this in the mail on Fri and today is the first day I had a chance to take a picture and post.


    Knitting Nature!!! and 5 skeins of Knit Picks Shine in Orchid. OOOOOH! SO NIIIIIIIIICE!! he/she is so awesome!! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

    So my weekend was pretty good. GoodGurlPurl threw a pool party which i was horribly late to (SORRY GGP!!) Man….GGP throws a GOOD party! there was yummy chicken, asian salad, banana puddin (one of my favs!!)…and lots and lots of laughs. I saw her yarn room. tee-hee…she has a whole room. it was good times! I wish i took pictures. ah well. ;)

    On Sunday i had a bit of excitement. it RAINED HERE!! REAL RAIN! POURING THUNDERING RAIN!! but it only lasted about 15 min. GRRRR…but it was nice. for those who don’t know…DFW is experiencing a drought. they keep saying on the news that the rain levels are 2-3 feet below what we “should” be at. so when it started to rain, all of us at Simpatico started cheering. hahaha

    I went to the grocery store, got some groceries, picked up a rotisserre chicken for dinna (yummm) and proceeded to chop it up for dinner. i sat down w/ a big bowl of chicken and mac n cheese…..and i get a phone call from my mom.

    My mom and dad were flying to Canada to visit family and they were supposed to change planes at DFW, layover for an hour and go on their merry way. nope. because of that 15 min of rain, they were stuck in the air for an hour, circling b/c they had no clearance to land. so b/c of this, they missed their connecting flight. and they were very pissed about it. No more flights out to Canada that night. I had this horrible feeling in my stomach….b/c my apartment is so freaking messy, i can’t let them stay here. hell, i only have ONE bed! i was all OMGGG…please don’t ask me if you can stay here. hahahh. i know..i love my parents….but i can’t deal with the constant “omg you have so much stuff and you live like a pig” comments.

    *background info - my parents have never never never never never never never never never never come here to visit me..only one time after they dropped off my brother at college at UT. and they didn’t even stay with me. they stayed w/ my uncle who was living in plano at the time. they hate coming to DFW because it’s boring to them. they only have a few friends that live here..and they are friends they dont’ like very much. they would rather spend their vacation time going to one of 3 places: LA, Las Vegas, or Toronto. Toronto because our entire family lives up there, LA because one of my dad’s sisters lives there and the Chinese food is good, and Las Vegas becuase they love eating Chinese food and they like going to shows and looking at all the purty lights. my parents are Chinese food-only ppl. they will eat other things IF they have to. hahaha

    So the first flight out was Mon morning at 10a. So they got a cheap hotel for like $40…holiday inn! and it’s a holiday inn that is only 3 miles from me. sigh. AND they weren’t allowed to get their luggage. so no underwear, no change of clothes, no toothbrush. So i asked my mom “do you want me to bring you a toothbrush and some underwear or something?” Her: NO!! Come pick us up and take us to eat something!!!! hahhh

    SO there is a restaurant here that i take my brother too constantly when he is here. it’s in arlington and it’s spectacular! yummy yummy chinese food. So i took them. i got a thumbs up from both of them. it is truly good. i’m glad i didn’t eat my chicken and mac n cheese. hahahaha.

    i took them to their hotel and yakked w/ my mom for a few hours before they made me leave b/c my dad was sleepy. i love my parents to death…but my dad says some crazy stuff sometimes. it’s what makes him so funny. and it’s SOO funny b/c he’s not saying stuff to be funny…he’s being serious. and usually, my brother, my mom and me will just sit and laugh at him as he sits there looking at us in wonder b/c he doesn’t understsand why we are laughing at him. last night was no exception. he didn’t even want me taking him to that restaurant last night b/c he said it was “too far”. but he kept pointing at some chinese buffet b/c it was close. hmm…good chinese food…or BUFFET food? no competition here. hahahah

    so i’m kind of sad they are gone…but i’m also happy they didn’t ask me to stay here. HAHAAH. i know..im a horrible daughter. but i paid for their hotel…does that count for something? tee-hee.

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