15th September2006: Cloudscope demoted to non-core.

19th July 2006: Added Scientific Acceptance site from Jon Taylor.

16th July 2006: Bulletin Board announcement of take-off for AMMA

12th July 2006: Minor revision of FAAM Insurance Handbook (Version 2.1).

7th July 2006: Updated FAAM Insurance Handbook to Version 2.

4th July 2006: An explanation of data revision numbers added to the Bulletin Board at the request of the Ops Committee.

23rd June 2006: Added document on Sortie Briefs.

13th June 2006: FAAM insurance and campaign specialist information revised on Using FAAM page.

25th May 2006: Version 9 PERCA Tech Spec for AMMA role-change

23rd May 2006: G-LUXE completes 1000 hours of FAAM-funded flying.

12th April 2006: Added Aircraft Layout Diagram (after June role change) for AMMA campaign.

12th April 2006: Added Kate Turnbull's Weather Links for visiting scientists.

5th April 2006: NCAS becomes National Centres for Atmospheric Sciences (home page).

3rd February 2006: DODO SITREPS.

18th January 2006: FAAM presentation to AMMA meeting added.

10th January 2006: DABEX SITREPS

25th November 2005: Removed link to PAN manufacturer AiQUALITEK as this had become a porn site.

19th October 2005: Added proposed November Aircraft Layout and updated PAN Tech Spec.

24th August 2005: ICARTT ITOP publications

23rd August 2005: Gas cylinder safety section added to FAAM Handbook

16th August 2005: Added FAAM Publications Index

11th August 2005: Added photo taken by Peter Cook during ITOP campaign.

4th August 2005: Bulletin announcement of northward extension of operating area.

5th May 2005: Added FAAM Handbook.

10th January 2005: RICO links added to Bulletin Board.

30th December 2004: Flying programme until December 2006 updated.

22nd December 2004: CO instrument raised to "core" status

4th November 2004: Instrument Status page updated.

6th October 2004: Updated Flying Schedule following Operations Committee recommendations.

22nd September 2004: Trivia page removed at request of BAE Systems and Directflight

21st September 2004: ARA CM 0390 Initial ARA Floor Strength Assessment for the Lidar Installation (restricted access).

17th September 2004: Added Data Dissemination Policy statement and updated Provisional flying programme.

24th August 2004: Issue 2 BAE Systems' ADE-46G-S-463-000771 Airworthiness Approval of Scientific Equipment Installations document (Restricted Access).

19th August 2004: ADRIEX contact list (Restricted access).

18th August 2004: Bulletin Board updated with links to ADRIEX reports.
Schedule modified to remove AMPEP/CLOPAP/FLUXEX from Autumn 2004 flying programme.
Issue 4 Tech. Spec. and Issue 3 CMM for FWVS/CNC/CCN rack.

14th August 2004: Component Maintenance Manuals: SWS/SHIMS Issue 2 and VACC.

13th August 2004: UM0071: Lower BBRs and Issue 4 SWS/SHIMS Tech. Spec.

6th August 2004: SWS/SHIMS Component Maintenance Manual.

28th July 2004: Head of FAAM and Technical Manager vacancies re-advertised.
Issue 4 VACC Tech. Spec.

12th July 2004: Aircraft left Cranfield at 1422 for first detachment, ITOP, in the Azores.
NCAS Press Release. UK News Article in the Guardian.

10th July 2004: Issue 11 NOxy Tech. Spec.

7th July 2004: AOC variation award to Directflight.
Issue 3 VACC and SWS/SHIMS Tech. Specs.

30th June 2004: Issue 2 VACC Tech. Spec.
Issue 8 Peroxide/Formaldehyde Tech. Spec.

22nd June 2004: Photos from the aircraft's first visit to Cranfield.

18th June 2004: ITOP rack weights and Weights and Balance Report (restricted access).

8th June 2004: V1.2 FAGE Tech. Spec.

8th June 2004: CM 0523: Aircraft Endurance at 35000 Feet (restricted access).

7th June 2004: FAAM vacancies. Closing date 24th June.
Issue 3 UM 0041 EMC Test and Emergency procedures for scientific Instruments.

4th June 2004: Schedule pages updated to show ITOP test flying from Cambridge and (contractual) Potential Flying Days.
Version 4 JIF rack Tech. Spec. (with TDLAS).

3rd June 2004: Revised JIF rack CMM.

28th May 2004: FAGE Tech. Spec.

27th May 2004:Version 8 PERCA Tech. Spec. (airworthiness) document.
Version 7 Peroxide/Formaldehyde Tech. Spec. and Issue 2 CMM.

25th May 2004: Links to photos of Aircraft in Cranfield hanger by Pete Morgan-Lucas, NERC.

21st May 2004: Yorkshire Post feature on York man, ITOP and James Bond.

20th May 2004: Updated Bulletin with details Certificate of Airworthiness, Home Base and Air Operators Certificate.
Version 6 Peroxide/Formaldehyde Tech. Spec. and CMM.

18th May 2004: Issue 10 NOxy Tech. Spec. (airworthiness) document.
Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM): NOxy PERCA and FAGE.

17th May 2004: Downloadable Air-to-Air photos taken on 8th April.
(Slightly) revised cabin layout for ITOP.

13th May 2004: 'Vacancies' page updated following Advisory Committee meeting.

6th May 2004: Cabin layout for ITOP role change.

5th May 2004: UM0070 MARSS alignment.

4th May 2004: Updated Bulletin with details of ITOP role-change at CRANFIELD.

30th April 2004: Added link to Jim McQuaid's photos and movies from flight B013.

26th April 2004: Updated Bulletin.

20th April 2004: Issue 7 PERCA Tech Spec with Start-up/Close-down instructions.

15th April 2004: Bulletin, Provisional Flying Schedule links and Instrument Status pages updated.

6th April 2004: Issue 6 PERCA Tech Spec.

1st April 2004: UM0069 Response to ARA CM 0385 - Satcom H.

29th March 2004: FAAM web site moved to http://www.faam.ac.uk/

22nd March 2004: Updated JIF rack Tech Spec including NIR-TDLAS.
Ammendment appended to ORAC Tech Spec.

18th March 2004: Major revision of provisional Flying Schedule.

15th March 2004: FAAM Open Day postponed.

3rd March 2004: Schedule of Calibration Flying from Cambridge delayed.

23rd February 2004: UM 0068: Response to ARA CM 0521.

9th February 2004: Added details to provisional Flying Schedule.

6th February 2004: CM 0521: ATM

4th February 2004: Closure of Woodford FAAM
CM 0522: Project Transition - Information required.

3rd February 2004: CM 0520: Scientific Electrical Power System.

29th January 2004: Weight and Balance Manual (restricted access).
CM 0385: Satcom - Hi Speed Data rate.

23rd January 2004: News.

19th January 2004: CM 0379: Perca and Peroxide / Formaldehyde.

14th January 2004: CM 0519: AFM / MOM / WBM / Weight Statement

11th January 2004: UM 0067: Response to ARA CM 0509.

7th January 2004: Version 1 Instrument Test Flight Plan (Month 1).

6th January 2004: New Year Test Flight Programme (restricted access).
UM 0066: Response to ARA CM 0507: Provision of CASI windows.

30th December 2003: View from cabin window 50 feet above the North Sea.

29th December 2003: UM 0065: Response to ARA CM 0509.

24th December 2003: CM 0506: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables 3 a (iii)- Provision of LIDAR Windows.
CM 0509: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables 3 b (v) - Instrument Installation.
CM 0513: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables 4 b (vii) - Communication and Navigation.
CM 0515: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables 1 b (ii) - Exhaust Pipes.

22nd December 2003: CM 0380: Minutes of the LIDAR Meeting of the 16th December 2003.
CM 0507: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables 3 a (iv) - Provision of CASI Windows.
CM 0514: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables 1 (a) (i), 3 (b) (iii), 3 (b) (iv) - Electrical System.

19th December 2003: BAE Systems' November ARA photos.

17th December 2003: FAAM vacancies page updated.

10th December 2003: Updated Test Flight Programme (restricted access).
CM 0375: NOxy Oxygen Relief
CM 0376: LTI Pump Noise
CM 0502: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables 1 b (i) and 4 b (iv) - Provision of seats and belts for 18 operators, approved for take-off and landing
CM 0503: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables 1 (a) (viii) - Provision of Temperature Control and Air Conditioning System
CM 0504: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables: 1 (b) (xvi) - Provision of Cabin Floor Space
CM 0505: Schedule of Acceptance Tests Deliverables 3 (a) (i) - Provision of Seat Rails or Floor Mounting Points
CM 0508: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables: 3 (b) (ii) - Side Hard Points
CM 0510: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables: 3 (b) (vi) & (vii) - Equipment Approval and Rack Capability
CM 0511: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables: 1 (a) (iv) - Particle Shadow Zones
CM 0512: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables: 1 (b) (ix) - Equipment Racks and Cabling
CM 0515: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables : 4 (b) (vi) - Conditions
CM 0517: Schedule of Acceptance Test Deliverables : 4 (a) (vi) - Dropsonde Deployment
Flight Test Report FTR/ARA/703: Results of the flight testing conducted to assess the dropsonde deployment system

4th December 2003: CM0374: Scientific Pipe Flammability.

28th November 2003: Issue 11 Test Flight Programme (restricted access).

25th November 2003: Issue 10 Test Flight Programme (restricted access)

21st November 2003: CM 0372: Cabin Door Seal Performance.

19th November 2003: CM0370: Minutes of BAES/Authority "Issues" Review Meeting 5th November 2003 and
ADE-46B-R-460-003511: Structural Considerations for the Positioning of the Wing Canister Pylon
ADE-46D-R-463-000040: Explanation of Design Methodology For Instrument Installations
ADE-46G-R-463-000791: Angle of Inlets and Sensors In Relation to the Mean Air Flow
ADE-46D-R-463-000792: Location of Inlets and Sensors In Relation to the Boundary Layer
(All restricted access).

14th November 2003: Issue 9 Test Flight Programme (restricted access) with some significant changes from Issue 8.

13th November 2003: Issue 8 Test Flight Programme (restricted access).
Added link to G-LUXE position and message page and FAAM FTP site registration page.

11th November 2003: Issue 19 CM0342: Actions & Progress from Customer Weekly Review - Wk45.

7th November 2003: Component Maintenance Manuals for the Scientific Racks:
AVAPS, Core Consoles, Core Chemistry, Cloud Physics, Radiometers 1, Radiometers 2, CVI, Neph/PSAP/Filters, CNC/CCN/FWVS, ORAC/PAN, 1C-TDLAS, PTr-MS, AMS, JIF, ADA/CPI.

5th November 2003: Two (restricted) CMs of lavatorial interest
CM 0500: Schedule of Acceptance Tests Deliverable: 2 (a)(i) - Provision of Full Airline Toilet Facilities
CM 0501: Schedule of Acceptance Tests Deliverable: 1 (b)(iii) - Provision of Potable Water
and, somewhat belatedly, CM 0365: ARA - Minutes of Wing Pylon Review Meeting 1st October 2003.

29th October 2003: CM 0368: CASI Window Icing - a response to UM0062.
CM 0369: Scientific Equipment Component Maintenance Manuals

28th October 2003: CM 0367: LIDAR Queries

27th October 2003: Version 4 PERCA Tech. Spec.

24th October 2003: CM 0366: Scientific Equipment Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs)

22nd October 2003: Issue 18 CM0342: Actions & Progress from Customer Weekly Review - Wk41.

20th October 2003: First photos of the FAAM livery.

17th October 2003: Issue 6 Test Flight Schedule for internal use only.

16th October 2003: Issue 5 Test Flight Schedule for internal use only.
Added link to ITOP homepage.

12th October 2003: UM0064: Provision of Additional Fairings.

10th October 2003: First Flight take-off photos.
BAE Systems' Press Release announcing Operator sub-contract

8th October 2003: Icing On The Cake.