Troy Kotsur

An award-winner, Troy Kotsur was born and raised in the city of Mesa, Arizona. He has been deaf since his birth. He went to Gallaudet University to major in Theater from 1987-1989. Additionally, he attended Mesa College, Pierce College and American River College to study acting and was an intern at KTSP-TV in Phoenix, Arizona working as an editor, researcher and interviewer.

            He appeared in numerous theater and television productions and traveled with the National Theater for the Deaf from coast to coast in the USA, as well as in Northern Ireland and South Africa. He has performed principle roles in Orphansm Nedea, Equus and Sleuth with Bernard Braggs and Romeo and Juliet, Verona Circus and Mice and Men at Deaf Theater West. Troy was in Whoppi Goldberg’s Strong Medicine on Lifetime. Also, Troy was a guest artist performing at California Arts Institution in Valiance as Hamlet and the Ghost in Shakespeare’s Hamlet Project, translated from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night English to concepts in American Sign Language at Yale University in 1999. In productions at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix he was Johnny Merrick in The Elephant Man and the defense attorney in The Night of January 16th.

            He recently received two awards from Los Angeles Weekly and the 8th annual Artistic Director Achievement Award, Valley Theater League of California for the leading actor in Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire. He has been nominated by Los Angeles Ovation for Featured Actor in a Musical in Charles Dickens’ Oliver! , performed at the Deaf West Theater. He was nominated for his leading role in A Streetcar Named Desire by the Los Angeles Drama Circle Critics award, as well. The best actor award was given to Troy by Gallaudet for his role as Sepp Schmitz in Firebugs and as Kurt Paxton in In a Room Somewhere.

Troy has directed more than 10 productions, including LA Times' Best Bet Weekend Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp at Deaf West. He is a freelance instructor doing theatrical workshops at many different schools, from elementary to college. He teaches many deaf/HH students at Southwest Arts in Action, Inc. in the beautiful city of Sedona. He continues to train and strives to improve his own acting, too, at theater schools, including Deaf West’s Summer Drama School and Gary Austin’s Improvisation Workshop.

Troy knows in his heart that he will always enjoy working
in the world of theaters!