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[07/12/02] -- Shouldn't I be taller?

Series 1
Page one
Photo finish
One easy lesson
A night in
How to make a killing - Part One
How to make a killing - Part Two
Both sides of the paper
Money, love and birdseed
Shouldn't I be taller?
Series 2
Breakfast At Czar's 
Picking Up The Pieces 
Going Back To Jasper Street 
The Week And Pizza 
Love And The Junior Gazette 
At Last A Dragon 
Something Terrible 
Something Terrible - Part Two 
Friends Like These
The Rest Of My Life 
Yesterday's News
Rock Solid
The Big Finish?
Series 3
The Big Hello 
Killer On The Line 
Chance Is A Fine Thing 
The Last Word - Part One
The Last Word - Part Two
Holding On 
Series 4
Bad News
She's Got It Taped 
Love And War 
In The Picture
Day Dreams 
Series 5
Head And Heart 
Friendly Fire 
A Quarter To Midnight 
Food, Love And Insecurity 
There Are Crocodiles 

.. All scripts were transcribed by Annika..
with the help of Kevin Nauta, Cameene and Katta.

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