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Health Promoting Schools, Ecological Sanitation and School Gardens in Mindanao

Health Promoting Schools, Ecological Sanitation and School Gardens in Mindanao

The German Embassy in Manila, Philippines, has approved new projects related to ecological sanitation under its Small Projects Facility which were proposed by the Department of Education, City Schools Division of Cagayan de Oro and the Xavier Science Foundation. Six urine-diverting ecological sanitation toilets will be installed in the public elementary schools of barangays FS Catanico and Balulang. Provision of hand washing facilities including the improvement of the existing dental troughs and washstands will further complement the overall basic hygiene concept of these pilot schools. In addition, community-based school gardens will be established to improve the nutritional status of malnourished students through year-round availability of affordable, clean and healthy vegetables harvested in the school garden. Accompanying information and education campaigns will enhance the knowledge, attitude and behavior concerning healthy lifestyle among the school community.

The activities implemented in this project focus on prevention and health promotion within the WHO framework "Health Promoting Schools" which is based on the principle that the school itself has to become a healthy place.

While the funds for the materials will be provided with financial support of the German Embassy Manila, the labour to implement the activities will be provided by community partners and the Parents, Teachers and Community Association (PCTA). Technical assistance will be extended by two CIM experts, the Periurban Vegetable Project of Xavier University, the Department of Education as well the Philippine GTZ Water and Sanitation Program.

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