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Mobile Phone Throwing Results Announced
24 August 2006

A competitor at the UK Mobile Phone Throwing Championships 2006 giving it his best shot...The second 8th Day UK Mobile Phone Throwing Championships (of which we are a sponsor) were held at Tooting Bec Athletics Track in London on Sunday 20th August.

New records were set and the results are shown below:

(NR denotes 8thDay National Record)


Chris Hughff UK 92.3 M UK Record
Chris Hadley SA 84.47 M NR
Tom Day UK 79.51 M
Boh Tjarks Germany 73 M NR
Mark Lawson SA 69.17 M
Gus Robertson SA 65.41 M
Toby Jenkins UK 63.85 M
Mike Krischonas Aus 62.35 M NR
Simon Fellowes Aus 59.98 M
Richard Metzgen UK 56.65 M
Clint Nittoco Aus 55.74 M
Sami Gabriel UK 55.1 M
Ross Williams UK 53.59 M
Jan Singleton UK 53.52 F UK Record
Ian Preddy  Mexico 52.85 M NR
Tom Thornton Smith UK 52.2 M
Robert Plank SA 51.5 M
John Brachy UK 50.48 M
Matthew Bolton UK 49.1 M
Richard Johnson SA 48.85 M
Dan Brook UK 48.84 M
Richard Harris UK 47.91 M
Nick Wallace UK 46.72 M
James Burnett UK 46.01 M
Dean McLagan UK 45.77 M
Murray Richards NZ 44.8 M
Tim Metzgen Belize 44.34 M NR
James Bamber UK 43.02 M
George Kuemphel Germany 42.87 M
Dave Brewis UK 41.89 M
Sandy Gordon Sco 41.45 M NR
Adam Cayley UK 39.72 M
Mark Harris UK 39.44 M
Cecilie Krohn Norway 36.28 F NR
Neil Stringfellow UK 36.12 M
Nick Hanson UK 34.87 M
Maz Hedley-Lewis UK 34.72 F
Mel Hedley-Lewis UK 34.27 F
Nick Henderson UK 32.24 M
Tanya van Schalkwijk SA 31.59 F NR
Gjoril Berg Norway 29.26 F
Bec Hanson Aus 28.21 F
Sally Taylor UK 27.95 F
Sharon Wilson SA 27.95 F
Tracey van Schalkwijk SA 27.56 F
Jeremy Hewitson UK 25.48 M
Jae Hee Park Germany 24.6 F NR
Tim Graham Aus 24.02 M
Aga Dymerska Pol 21.17 F NR
Sally Raynes UK 17.9 F
Julia Sargent UK 17.84 F
Charlotte Thomas UK 17.75 F
Katra Tuviana Estonia 17.72 F NR
Mary Harris UK 17.04 F
Kirsten Sparrow UK 15.35 F
Annabell Roberts UK 14.56 F
Other National Records still standing from 2005
Paul Aherne Zimbabwe 66
Steve Rice NZ 46.09
Ireland Martin McCann 42.37

Thanks to all the people who took part or came to cheer them on. A special thanks to all those who brought mobile phones for recycling!

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