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Welcome to the Emergency Management Australia Disasters Database

The EMA Disasters Database is the primary Australian Government database containing records of all natural and non-natural disasters within Australia (where information is available) dating from the earliest records (1622 shipwreck) to the present day. The EMA Disasters Database is a comprehensive historical record, and a general research resource available in the public domain. Ongoing development of the EMA Disasters Database will eventually provide a sound basis for risk assessments, mitigation measurement and post-disaster direct and indirect impact costings, which could then be evaluated to ensure improved disaster management processes for the Australian community.

To use this Resource:
        • See 'Introduction' for explanatory notes and select the required view from the top menu bar
        • Click on 'Resources' for map of Zones and Regions
        • Click on the Event Title for full details for each event.
        • Use 'Advanced Search' to customise or refine your queries
        • Use 'Reports' to produce summary reports

If you have any comments or further enquiries about the database, please email EMA Disasters Database

Emergency Management Australia is not responsible for any use to which the data may be put. Whilst Emergency Management Australia takes every effort to check and validate the data, the contents of the database are distilled from reports from various external sources over which we have no control and in some cases, due to lack of original records the existing data may be incomplete or incorrect. We welcome any suggestions regarding possible inaccuracies.