It has recently come to our attention that the Internet can be used to provide goods and services.

Accordingly, we dispatched our crack research team to seek out the most kick ass rotten videos ever made.

The results are truly astounding.

Bumfights 4: Return of Ruckus
Crackheads Gone Wild
West Coast Geez
Urban Warfare
Felony Fights: Volume 5
Terrorism, Riots & Death
Middle East Wackos
Bare Knuckle Beatdowns
Cali Lifestyle 2
Off The Hook TV
Dopes Go Wild
Chick Fights 1 and 2
Super Brawls
Havoc in Honolulu

Scraps: Best of Bumfights
America's Sickest Home Videos
Felony Fights
Beach Bum Fights
Indecline V.1
Cali Lifestyle
Pimpin' Ain't Easy
Party Life

Check out our review of Bumfights in the Rotten Library and order your copy today!

The infamous Faces of Death series is synonymous with shock flicks. Vignettes of b-movie horror kitsch weave together scenes of death and mayhem. These are unmistakably underground videos, from the first 1978 classic to the modern releases. It has long been a staple of frat houses and cult hazing ceremonies and is required viewing for any serious fan or collector.
Faces of Death Boxed Set



With all of the purported autopsy TV shows and videos out there, this autopsy video stands out as the real deal. If you've ever watched the Discovery Channel or CourtTV and been frustrated as they cut away from the action, this is the video for you. Bipolar Production's autopsy series is hardcore, well filmed, and totally uncensored. You see what they see. Voices of Death shows viewers a complete autopsy from start to finish, filmed right over the shoulder of Los Angeles county's chief medical examiner. Death's Detectives offers a deeper look into the world of pathology and forensics with narration and interviews by leading experts.
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We are pleased to bring you the recently released, digitally re-mastered, Traces of Death 9th Anniversary collection edition box set. Probably the best shock series available, Traces of Death is completely real. This is all real footage of things that made members of the Rotten Staff physically ill. People getting eaten, cadavers getting poked at, cut up, embalmed-- gut wrenchingly disgusting footage that should never be viewed by anyone, ever.

The box set includes the complete series videos 1-5, plus BONUS footage and interviews!
Available on DVD

Beyond Bizarre vol. 1-7
A video encyclopedia of the Rotten and Bizarre

More Beach Bum Fights
Out of Control!

Gnarly street fights on DVD

Screwed Blue and Tattooed
Body Art

Stripper Fights
Catfight Royale
Paramedics on VHS and DVD
Bloody accident scenes filmed along side paramedics

Bad Cops
Cops being violent

Going Postal
Citizens on a rampage

Rival gangs and drug dealers do battle— caught on tape.
Banned in America
New series

Eyes on Afghanistan
An inside look at terrorism

Mao's Little Red Video
Mid-60's Chinese Gov't propaganda film

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