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Powered Paraglider UAVs | Micro LEAPP

The Atair Micro LEAPP (LEAPP Type III) is a slow-flying, light-weight powered paraglider UAV platform used for reconnaissance and scouting missions. Micro LEAPP is one-man deployable and is easily transportable using a backpack. The elliptical canopy is 85 sq. ft. with an aspect ratio of 4.5:1. To ground launch, the vehicle is placed in a small clearing of approximately 20 sq. ft. The wing is unfurled and laid out behind the vehicle. Take off occurs in 5-10 ft and does not require a paved runway. The Micro LEAPP can operate fully autonomously or be piloted by remote control via a portable base station computer and advanced software which allows continuous tracking, mission and flight planning, video and data downlink. Mission critical features include >4 hours of flight time, and payload capacity for 30 lbs of surveillance equipment.


Length: ~40"
Width: ~25"
Height: ~30"
All Up Weight (AUW): ~75 lbs
Power: 8 Hp 2-cycle gas engine
Endurance: >4 hours flight time (depending on fuel fraction)
Payload Capacity: 30 lbs of surveillance equipment
Ceiling: 12,000 ft

Custom Applications
Atair's LEAPP UAVs can be outfitted for ISR and/or distributive operations missions, and modified to meet different size and payload requirements. Please contact Atair to discuss your specific UAV application requirements.