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Appendix IV: The Daism Research Index

The Knee of Daism
~Deconstructing   Adi Da~

edited by Sioux Marshman and Elias Oz

[First Edition, Friday 10.30.98]


Sri Bob--8th (going on 9th) Stage Avatar

This book is a collection of posts from the on-line Ken Wilber Forum on the controversial topic of Adi Da--the guru formerly known as Frank Jones, Bubba Free John, Da Free John, Love Ananda, yada yada yada. To simplify things, he will be referred to as Frank, Da or Adi Da.

Adi Da is a complex character who evokes complex responses. Some believe he is the singular manifestation of the Divine in the entire universe of universes--no kidding. Some believe he is a crank, a fraud, a con artist. Just so.

No effort has been made in this book to support Frank's positions. The Da-man has self-published something like a hundred volumes--so surely he has spoken sufficiently for most of us. Instead, herein are commentaries on the various claims Da and his followers make about him and his teachings. Some writers have been intimately involved with Adi Da, while others know him only through his voluminous works.

Please note that, in order to protect the innocent and guilty alike, the names of Adi Da supporters have all been changed to 'Pilgrim.' Let no one say I have not been compassionate in editing this collection. Otherwise, the names of posters are unaltered.

If someone is thinking of joining Adidam, or leaving Adidam, or just wondering about the whole show, this is the book for you. Read on, read on. One caveat, however. Da is noted for taking credit for anything good, while projecting blame on others for anything bad. In the service of this duality, Frank has a disclaimer printed in each of his books. Just so. In our case we provide this disclaimer as well: your reactions to these commentaries are entirely governed by you.


1. The Greatest of Allllll Tiiiiime?
(contributors: Elias, Hepcat, JCB)

2. Da as Narcissus
(contributors: Elias, Sri Bob)

3. Charges Against Frank
(contributors: Sri Bob, JCB, Elias)

4. Adi Da n' Sex n' Gopis n' Stuff
(JCB responds to Daist Pilgrim)

5. Frank and Other Teachers
(contributors: Elias, Jaguar)

6. The Cult That Denies Cultism
(contributors: Apuguruji, Short Timer, Free, Elias,
Hereward, Dan Lee, Geoffrey)

7. Amrita and Poison
(a JCB and Jaguar dialogue)

8. That Ultimate 7th Stage
(contributors: Sri Bob, Philip, Ron, JCB, Hereward,
Elias, Bud, Sri Bob, Sioux Marshman)

9. The 3rd Stage Teaching with a 7th Stage Map
(a Theos Ningun and Zen Barf dialogue)

10. Ex-Devotees Speak Out
(contributors: Jo, Elias, JCB, Philip, Brad, Free)

11. Devotee vs. Ex-devotee
(JCB talks back to Daist Pilgrim)

12. That Vow, That Vow!
(contributors: Jaguar, Philip, Sri Bob, JCB, Elias, Sioux)

13. Crazy-Wise or Just Crazy?
(contributors: Glenn, JCB, Julian, Theos, Sri Bob)

Appendix I: Resources on the World Wide Web

Appendix II: The Confrontation and Break with Muktananda

Appendix III: Transcript of NBC report on Adi Da (Da Free John)

Appendix IV: The Daism Research Index

Postscript by Elias Oz

Open Forum on Daism

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