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Gretchen – Review

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As far as eclectic combinations of music genres go, Gretchen has the alternative scene virtually wrapped up. The viciously heavy guitar riffs and drumbeats are easily comparable with any number of heavy metal bands. The often-surreal vocals stretch from the obvious Gothic influence to more serene and even traditional female vocalist sounds. The combination is a hugely powerful and unique sound that is well deserved of the numerous accolades that Gretchen has already received.

As well as wowing readers of the Heaven Metal Magazine and featuring as the soundtrack for a recent Ford Ranger promotion, Gretchen has also amassed radio airtime in an impressive 70 cities throughout 25 different states.

It’s truly refreshing to hear a rock band willing to try and change the mould of modern music. Being a girl fronted rock band immediately means the music media and potential fans alike listen for similarities to Evanescence and No Doubt, and while occasional similarities do undoubtedly exist Mia Richards has invented an entirely new style of her own. If the world had an ounce of justice then soon enough, girl fronted rock bands would be compared to Gretchen and, if they were, they would all fall short in terms of originality.

The latest album entitled “In The Mean Time” incorporates everything that is great about Gretchen and throws in Travis Wyrick as producer and Brad Noah of Disciple making a guest appearance on guitar. In a world where most bands are afraid to try anything new, Gretchen brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene. Whether you’re a secular or a regular rock fan you will find plenty to love about this band.

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