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Visitare Firenze Visit Florence
Florence is famous all over the world for its unique beauties. To visit the principal beauties in Florence you need at least 4 days.
For many years Florence has been the cradle of culture and art: many of the most famous artists of the Renaissance were born there and thanks to them thousands of tourists choose Florence for their holidays.
Florence signifies abundance or wealth; during the middle-age, thanks to the Medici family, became an important economic, cultural and artistic city.
The artistic patrimony of Florence is between the more important of the world. Famous Museums in Florence (Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Museum, Museum of the Bargello, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of the Work of the Dome). Great libraries (Laurenziana Library, Riccardiana Library, Marucelliana Library, Central National Library). The famous academies (Academy of the Bran, Academy of Cimento, Colombaria Academy). Large Parks and Gardens in Florence (Park of the Cascine, Garden of Boboli, Garden of the Iris). The Monuments in Florence constitute an artistic complex between the more important to the world: the Baptistry (with the gold doors by the Ghiberti and Andrea Pisano), the Fortezza da Basso, the Giotto Bell Tower, the Hospital of Innocenti. Important Churches in Florence: the Dome (or Santa Maria del Fiore) with the immense cupola of the Brunelleschi and the bell tower of Giotto, Pietà di Michelangelo, the church of Santa Croce, in which we found the rip of Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, Alfieri, Foscolo and Rossini, the church of San Lorenzo, the church of Santa Croce, the church of Santa Maria Novella. Florence is rich of great work and Palaces in Florence like the Palazzo Vecchio, the loggia dell'Orcagna, the Spedale degli Innocenti of Brunelleschi, the Palazzi Medici, the Palazzo Pitti and the Uffizi (by the Vasari with the famous Uffizi Gallery), the Ponte Vecchio with the double row of little old shops, from the 1500 exclusive rights of the orafi. The splendid Public Squares in Florence Florence like Duomo Public Square, Repubblica Public Square, Santa Croce Public Square, Della Signoria Public Square, Della Libertà Public Square, Dell'Indipendenza Public Square, Santa Maria Novella Public Square, Piazzale Michelangelo. The House of the Memory in Florence of Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Guidi.
In this section of the website you'll find a Florence Virtual Tour and a Map of Florence that it will guide you to the discovery of the beauties of the primary city in Tuscany.

Conoscere Firenze Know Florence
The lily was chosen to be the symbol of Florence in the second half of the XII century. Florentia had to be represented by a flower and the flowers mainly used in heraldic bearings were roses and lilies. The Florentine lily on the gonfalon was originally white on a red background; it was changed to red on a white background by the Guelfi in 1266, as a sign of victory over the Ghibellini. The botanic name of the lily of Florence is Irish Florentina, the iris can be seen in the city's coat of arms because it is a flower that grows abundantly in the fields around the city.
Mythology tells that the lily was born from drop of milk that feels from Giunone' s breast while she was feeding Ercole. The lily therefore signifies purity and chastity.
The Florentines were so struck by the abundance and beauty of the flowers that they became attached to the iris and associated it to their city life; the iris became the emblem of Florence due to its botanical name, Iris Florentia. Whether it was red on white background or white on a red background, according to the current political movement, it was always the only valid symbol of the city and under it is sign Florence won liberty and honour. The iris however has story. The Egyptians cultivated various varieties of it on the banks of the river Nile and the Greeks admired the beautiful and many-coloured plants between the rocks and stones of the temple. The Greeks in their fantasy saw in these many coloured petals, Iride the messenger of gods, sliding down the rainbow from Olympus.
In this section of Florence Online: the Generality of Florence, the History of Florence, the Pictures of Florence, the Historical images of Florence, the The Flood of Florence and the Annual events.

Hotel a Firenze Florence Hotels
In the section Florence Hotels we selected the best réreptives structures in Florence and province subdivided by type. For each accommodation exists the possibility of sending a free request reservation directly to the owner; in the 24 following hours you will receive a confirmation email about availability and prices of your stay.
On the left column you will be able to select the Bed and Breakfast, the 1 Star Hotels, the 2 Stars Hotels, the 3 Stars Hotels, the 4 Stars Hotels, the 5 Stars Hotels, the Farm Houses, the Residence, the Apartments, the Vacation Rentals, and the Hostels.
You will have moreover the possibility of making research of the Florence accommodations not only by type but even by selecting the zone (Hills of Florence, Campagne of Florence, Centre of Florence...) or by Area (Chianti, Periphery of Florence, historical Centre of Florence...).
Finally you can consult Lastminute offers or make a Florence Italy Hotel Booking.

Divertimenti a Firenze Enjoy in Florence
is not only art and museums. In Florence the enjoying never finishes: Theatres, Cinemas, Discos, Pubs become animated life for all the night.
The tradition teatrale fiorentina was always considerable, packs to name celebrates it Musical May Fiorentino which attracted downtown even of the famous characters.
The Cinemas in Florence are alternated between the modern ones and equipped with the rooms and multisalle and small independent cinemas.
Between giugno and settembre, are opened Cinemas and spaces under the stars, which reproposent successes 'of winter' together to new films of the season.
Florence thank you with the great number of buildings and Discos, succeeds in making amuse and entusiasmare all in unspecified giorno of the week (especially in the week end) and offers many alternatives to make the small hours in company of friends.
The offers are varied and enticing; Latin aperitifs, parties house, rates/rhythms, spuntini of midnight, Coffee Bars, Pubs, Bars, Night Club wine bars and Discos.
Infinite varieties of good beer, music and spuntini always point out a elevé number of young people (and not) that is to say fiorentini that foreign.
Florence offers a great quantity of night buildings, is possible to choose between commercial discotheques or rock'n'roll spirit. But there are many buildings (especially during the estival time) where will have fun by listening to music and while dancing, while drinking and while chattering with perhaps of the evenings with it fears. If you decide to pass one evening by drinking a beer in historical center of Florence will be able to find very much Pubs and birrery. The principal zones are surely Croce Saint, Santa Maria Novella and the zone of the Dome.
The Pubs quickly become animated life after dining; the night buildings receive young people of one each part of the world.
So on the other hand you prefer one evening with the sign of dance can go in one of very much Disco Pubs and Discos located is in historical center of Florence that in periphery.
You will be able moreover to taste made aperitifs with rule of art or to taste a good coffee in one of the very famous places of the city in many the Bars and Coffee Bars located in any Florence.
So on the other hand you decided to pass one evening piccante you will be able made with visit in Night Club of Florence: these buildings are not however in I center of Florence but you will be able to join them with few minutes by car.

Mangiare a Firenze Eat in Florence
The Tuscany cooking is famous for its simple flavours prepares with great attention.
In passed the difficult living conditions imposed to the Tuscany population to prefer the use of poor alimony as the bread without salt that is present still today with thousand shapes and flavours: in every part of the Tuscany exist vary type of bread, from the tradition to the wheel, from the crostoni to the focacce, from the crushed with the oil to the bread with the ramerino, until arriving to the round loaf with grape.
Just the bread is one of the main ingredients of most famous Tuscany prescription like the panzanella (made with bread softened in the water, with vegetables), the pappa al pomodoro (to cook itself with bread, garlic, prezzemolo, basil, salt, oil and tomato), the ribollita (born from the tradition peasant who heated the remainders of the foods already cooked the day before).
Florence is very famous for the bistecca alla fiorentina, the ribollita, the trippa, the donuts, the schiacciata con l'uva, the cenci, the lampredotto, the fagioli all'uccelletto.
The Tuscany is famous for being between the italian regions in which you can tasted the better plates.

In this section of the website a wide directory of the best restaurants in which you will be able to savour the specialties From Tuscany and Florence and to taste valuable wines of the chianti area: Restaurants, Trattorie, Taverns, Pizzerie, Wine Bar and International restaurants in Florence and province.
The Tuscany is famous all over the world for its valuable and precious wines.
Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti classic, Barco reale of Carmignano, Vernaccia of San Gimignano, Morellino of Scansano, Pomino, Montescudaio white, Montescudaio red are only some of the valuable wine produced in Tuscany. The Tuscany region in fact is rich of large vitigni is scattered on hills and of visitable wine cellars in whichever period of the year.
The Tuscany evokes one images of great beauty; a rich and unique place of historical, cultural and natural treasures. A territory that in the time has been evoked from poets and writers. A territory with colors, smells and flavours unique.
The Tuscany is rich of Medieval Castles and villages, palaces, villas, churches, works of art fascination and history. The Tuscany is characterized from a varied landscape; greens hills, beauty sea, high relaxant mountains and terme.
Just for these characteristics many tourists every year choose routes in lands of Tuscany to the search of the traditions and in order tasting, wine cellar after wine cellar, the great from Tuscany red wines. Between the more known localities we can name the Chianti zone, the Orcia Valley, Montepulciano, San Giminiano, Montalcino and the zone of Tuscany Maremma.
Delicious wines, typical Tuscany foods, traditional plates, typical specialties of fish, international plates… You must only choice...

Muoversi a Firenze Transports in Florence
Florence is the most important art city in Tuscany, in the Italy center. Florence is easy reachable by Car, by train, by bus and by airplane. Florence is equipped in fact of the Airport Amerigo Vespucci, (zone of Peretola), situated to least kilometers from Florence Historical Center, in the quarter of Rifredi. There aren't directed international connections to Florence, in any case the Airport covers many European drafts and often with flights low cost. The Airport is approximately 5 km far from the center and it's very connected by Taxi, shuttles and Bus.
Moreover the airport of Pisa is to 50km from Florence and it is connected to the Railway stations of Santa Maria Novella by appropriate train.
Florence is moreover easily reachable in Train from all Italy and from abroad. There are various Railway stations in Florence. The more important are: Florence Rifredi, Florence Santa Maria Novella and Florence Campo di Marte.
Who wishes to travel by car, Florence easy is easy catched up by the A1 freeway or the A11 freeway. In the historical center of Florence are present many payment Parkings where to be able to leave the own car. If you arrived by train or by airplane and you wish to rent an car you can do it easy in one of the Car rentals di Firenze. of Florence.
The Historical center of Florence has an extension of approximately 4 Kmq, the entire city of Florence approximately 100 Kmq. To the inside of the historical center (seen the reduced dimensions) it is possible to move easy by foot, by bicycle, by Bus or to use of one of the numerous Taxi in every angle of the city. For morer information on like catching up Florence visits the pages present in this section of the website: How to reach Florence

Negozi a Firenze Shops in Florence
Italy is between the main world-wide leaders for the fabrication, design, fashion and é therefore much easy one to find some souvenir..
Florence is famous for the Handicraft and for its Jewels & Clocks works with experience by hand and following the tradition that the orafi fiorentini give to hundreds of years. Many visitors are interested to gold or silver Jewels & Clocks sold on the Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio) in its small storees. If you are interested to the fascination or souvenir these storees they are appropriates for you. There is also to say that to find cheap gold Jewels & Clocks on the Old Bridge is very difficult.
The street for the objects of Handicraft, é Via Maggio: some of furnitures and the objects of art are of the 16° century. In Via dei Tornabuoni (Tornabuoni street) in Florence, we find storees of Apparel of hight class. Here you will find the best companies: Armani, Gucci, Versace, Coveri a Ferragamo. 'Chic' purchases can themselves be made also in the neighbor Vigna Nuova street.
In the section Shops in Florence you'll find the principal shops in Florence e province sort by category.

Scuole a Firenze School in Florence
Without doubt when we plan a travel to Florence we make it first of all in order to admire its beauties, its monuments and in order to breathe an atmosphere that seems is stopped in the time. But many tourists reach Florence in order to learn the limbs that characterize Florence and the Tuscany for hundred of years. In the time artisan, generation after generation, have realized many work: gold work, ceramics work, painting work, design work, sculpture work. Florence is also this: an open museum with realizate works of art from the greatest artists, sculpture, painters and Fiorentini craftsmen.
Just for this reason are been born many Schools in Florence Italy with Italians and foreign students, coming from every part of the world. In Florence therefore are been born the Art Schools specialized in course of Visual Limbs, course of design, course of photography, course of art, course of design and painting, of frescoes and workshops. Much diffuse also the Italian Language Schools with language course specialized with expert instructors and much available with the students. Exist also many Dance Schools with course specialize in dances of every kind and type: 'Tango Argentino', 'Liscio', 'Modern dance' 'Dance', etc. In this section Schools in Florence Italy are also listed the Primary Schools, the elementary schools and the University in Florence

Artisti Toscani Tuscany Artists
Florence became the city of art that all the world knows thanks to the great artists who built big monuments, churches, and sculptures during the years. Nearly all the famous artists of the Renaissance came from Tuscany and Florence became the centre of the Arts, artists like Donatello, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Giotto, Galileo Galilei, Dante, Botticelli and Masaccio are only a few of those who have left signs in the monuments or Florentine works of the xv century.
A plunge in the past to admire the beauties of the present...

Eventi a Firenze Events in Florence
In this section of the web site the more important manifestations and the more interesting Events in Florence and in Italy. The events and manifestations of tourist importance. Popular extensions, festivals, inaugurations, festivities, conventions, conferences, folklore, sports events... Suggestions for your travels and your vacations.
The subdivision in type of manifestation allows to fastly find the best of the panorama events in Florence and surroundings (Tuscany region). In the left column you will be able to find many links, clicking on link of the your interest you'll view the list of events. Extensions: the most important extensions in Florence and in Italy. Fairs: the fairs organized by public and private agencies. Festivals: one list of Festivals in Florence, in Tuscany and Italy. Folklore: the folkloristic events like medieval festivities, country festivities and local traditions. Theatres Shows: the theatres shows in in programming in the theatres and the theatres to the open. Festivities: the previewed festivities in Florence and in all Italy. Typical Markets: the typical markets, when and where they are made, the types of market. Courses: the course of whichever kind organizes in Florence and province. Local Traditions: the program of the main local traditions. Conferences: the conferences and the organized conferences in the Hotels and in the appropriate stands. Concerts: all the live concerts in programming. Other events: other type of events not present in the previous sections.

Forum Firenze Florence Forum
In the Florence Forum you will be able light the messages of all the users of Florence Online and to insert tien; all free. Inside the Florence Forum you will find advertisements of hiring rooms, rooms and apartments for short and of the long periods. The indication for the discotheques, the restaurants, the pub of Florence. Advertisements 'offer' or 'looking for' a work in Florence, will be able to announce an event or to consult the already announced events; in more a sezione dedicated even to the advertisements of purchase and sale.
It enters to even make you with a part of our comunity!
Moreover a sezione dedicated to the Florence Pictures and one dedicated to the Florence Blog.

Mappa del Sito Site Map
In the sezione Site Map you will find a chart with indicated all the pages of Florence Online subdivided for category. You will be able to find what you looking for in the minor time.
Exists moreover the possibility of making a research inside Florence Online inserting the key words. To seek in the web site visit the section Site search.

Hotels Hotels in Italy, Hotels in Europe
In ours portale beyond Florence Hotels you will find even structures réreptives on the Italian territory and in the world. If you looking for an accommodation in Italy it visits the section Hotels in Italy.
If you want to check availability of Hotel in the world visit the section Hotels in Europe. Between our principal destinations: France Hotels, Germany Hotels, Spain Hotels, Greece Hotels, Portugal Hotels, Hungary Hotels, Austria Hotels, Netherlands Hotels, United Kingdom Hotels, Sweden Hotels.

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