Cleansing in the Name of Retirement

Hamed Irani

23 Jun 2006

In its drive to control the universities, the Ministry of Science of Ahmadinejad’s government has expanded the scope of retiring veteran university professors, thus removing them from the faculty.

According to reports from a Rooz reporter, this new wave which began at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran has now reached the Elahiyat College of Tehran University (College of Religious Studies). Recently, three teachers at the college were retired from the college which has led to protests from other faculty members. In response to the protests, Sheikh Abbas-Ali Omid Zanjani, who himself is of the same age as those teachers that were retired said, “Retirement is a completely normal event that takes place according to the rules of the university every year. This year too retirements were carried out as they had in the past, while we have tried to keep those that have reached the retirement age as much as possible. Most of the retirees are instructors or associate professors. Some of them are professors whose age is above 65 years and who fall under the rules of retirement.”

Yesterday’s issue of Sharg newspaper published the names of some of teachers, that included Dr Mohammad Mojtahed Shabastari, Dr Alamzadeh, and Dr Ali Abadi whose retirements have been announced before their due date. This raises the question whether the same university rules do bar the institutions from utilizing the services of retired teachers?

استفاده‌ی غیر تجاری از مطالب «روز»‌ تنها بر اساس پروانه‌ی کریتیو لایسنس و به‌طور مشروط آزاد است.

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