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Volcanoes of Canada
Catalogue of Canadian volcanoes
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Catalogue of Canadian volcanoes
Garibaldi volcanic belt

The Garibaldi Volcanic Belt is the northern extension of the Cascades Volcanic Belt in the northwestern United States (including Mt. Baker and Mt. St. Helens), and contains the most explosive young volcanoes in Canada. It's volcanoes are also the closest to British Columbia's densely populated southwest corner. These volcanic belts are the result of subduction of the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate beneath the North American tectonic plate; the plates meet just seaward of the west coast of Vancouver island. The volcanoes of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt generally are stratovolcanoes typical of subduction zone volcanoes, and include Mt. Garibaldi, Mt. Price, the Black Tusk, Mt. Cayley, Mt. Fee, Mt. Meager and Mt. Silverthrone.

Mt. Meager's eruption of 2350 years ago is the youngest explosive eruption in Canada. It was similar to that of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 and also the ongoing eruption of Montserrat in the Caribbean. The explosive phase of this eruption generated an ash plume that covered most of southern B.C. and extended into southern Alberta. The existence of anomalous heat beneath Mt. Meager is demonstrated by the large number of hotsprings around the volcano, some of which feed the hot tubs at Meager hotsprings.

Volcano Groups within the Garabaldi Volcano Belt
Garibaldi Volcano Group Garibaldi Lake Volcano Field
Mount Meager Mount Meager Volcanic Group

Volcanoes within the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt
Tuber Hill - East Bridge River Cones
Nichols Valley Flows Bridge River Cones
Sham Hill Bridge River Cones
Tuber Hill Bridge River Cones
Salal Glacier Bridge River Cones
Franklin Glacier Franklin Glacier
Cheakamus Valley Vent Mount Cayley
Slag Hill Mount Cayley
Pali Dome Mount Cayley
Cauldron Dome Mount Cayley
Crucible Dome Mount Cayley
Mount Cayley Mount Cayley
Mount Fee Mount Cayley
Vulcan's Thumb Mount Cayley
Ember Ridge 01 Mount Cayley
Ember Ridge 02 Mount Cayley
Ember Ridge 03 Mount Cayley
Ember Ridge 04 Mount Cayley
Ember Ridge 05 Mount Cayley
Machmel River Silverthrone
Charnaud Creek Silverthrone
Trudel Creek Silverthrone
Silverthrone Caldera Silverthrone
The Castle Squamish Volcanic Field
Watts Point Squamish Volcanic Field

Volcanoes outside of Canada's Borders
Mount Baker Cascades Volcanic Arc

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