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Misfortune has landed you in Stormhold prison, run by reputed lunatic Quintus Varus. The overseers put you to work, and it is clear you are not expected to survive long. You must find the few who can help you, and overcome the challenges of Stormhold until you are strong enough to defeat the evil warden.

The World

  • First-person view puts you into the action like never before on a wireless phone.

  • Play your character the way you want … for good or evil.


  • Wide choice of characters: choose from Spellsword (Nokia 3650 only), Rogue, Barbarian, Battlemage, and Knight.

  • Customize your character with awesome weapons, items, and skills.

  • Interact with characters to gain new skills and abilities.

  • As your character becomes tougher, so do your opponents.

Storyline, Dungeons, and Monsters

  • Monsters, dungeons, and heroic storyline for hours of adventure.

  • Randomly generated dungeons.

  • Battle in 8 - 36 dungeon levels (depending upon handsets).

  • Detailed artwork by members of the award-winning Morrowind team.

  • Uncover items and artefacts to help you in your quest.

A perfect way to spend two minutes, or a couple of hours...

The Elder Scrolls Travels wireless games bring to life the excitement and challenge of rich fantasy worlds. Can you survive the terrors of Stormhold prison or the exile post of Dawnstar? There's only one way to find out - download the wireless game and play today!

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