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Reaction decease Simon Wiesenthal

Anne Frank House - Amsterdam, September 20, 2005



Simon Wiesenthal, a concentration camp survivor, was the active force responsible for tracking down and arresting numerous war criminals. He is also the one who, after a search of many years, found Karl Joseph Silberbauer, the SD-officer who arrested the people in hiding in Amsterdam in 1944.

Otto Frank was the only survivor of the eight who were arrested. Simon Wiesenthal devoted his life to hunting down Nazis, while Otto Frank devoted his to education, particularly of young people, to show where racism could lead. Two different paths, both of great importance.

In Simon Wiesenthals own words: My most hard work, and I am very proud of this case, was to find the man who arrested Anne Frank... the family Frank was like 10,000 other families, but Anne Frank became a symbol of the million murdered children, and I tell it to the father of Anne Frank, the diary of his daughter had a bigger impact than the Nuremberg trial. Why? Because people identified with this child. This was the impact of the Holocaust, this was a family like my family, like your family and so you could understand this.