Kayla Rolland: One More Victim

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Kayla Rolland: One More Victim of Racial Integration.

by David Duke

Kayla Rolland,
six-year old
White victim of integration.

Dedrick Owens, snarled, “I hate
you,” before
shooting Kayla.

The murder of six-year-old Kayla Rolland, a White little girl, by a Black student, Dedrick Owens, highlights the damage that forced racial integration has done to European Americans. Sheriff Robert Pickell said Owens’ father told him that Dedrick fought with the other children because “he hated them.” Kayla Rolland’s violent death is just one example of thousands of White children who have suffered from criminal violence at the hands of minorities in public schools across America. It cries out for an honest discussion of racial integration’s incalculable damage to European Americans.

Six-year old, Jake Robel, killed by black carjacker.

The news media have made concerted efforts to hide the interracial aspect of the slaying of Kayla Rolland. None of the national news agencies reported that the victim was White and the perpetrator was Black. Contrast that with the media coverage of the acquittal of four police officers in New York. Even though there was no evidence of racial animus and although the jury

Ronald Taylor,
White hater.

included four Blacks, many headlines read, “Four White Officers Acquitted in Death of Black Immigrant.” Compare that headline with the coverage of the dragging death of a White, six-year-old little boy, Jake Robel, by a Black carjacker in Kansas City. The headlines in the Robel murder did not read, “Black carjacker drags White Child to His Death.” The media carefully avoided any mention of the fact that the killer was Black and the victim was White. The double standard finds ample illustration in the news coverage of a recent murderous rampage in Wilkinsburg, PA. The Black killer said that he would only shoot White people and called his victims “White racist pigs.” Many articles one the did not even identify the race of the shooter or include his anti-White statements as he shot 5 White people. If it would have been a White killer of Blacks, the headlines would certainly have read something like, “White Racist Murders Three Blacks — Wounds Two.”

In America, one cannot talk frankly about the racial differences and their powerful impact on many aspects of American life. Integration of education is one of those areas in which one cannot speak frankly. The murder of Kayla Rolland brings home the need for us to honestly address this issue that is so critical to the well-being of European Americans.

Why Schools Were Integrated

Joseph Healy, white victim in Wilkinsburg.

In 1954, The Supreme Court and subsequent Federal Court proceedings ruled that racial segregation of education harms Black students. The rationale used by the Federal Courts was that Blacks as a group are harmed by a “separate but equal” segregation policy. Yet, one has to ask how Blacks are harmed simply by having their own schools when those schools are equally-funded. Obviously, Black students are not physically harmed by segregation. In their own schools, populated by their own people, tailored to their own needs, Blacks do not have to fear physical attacks or any sort of intimidation by Whites. There is no evidence that “separate but equal” harms Blacks in any way. It may be surprising, but evidence suggests that it can actually harm Black students. And, there is unequivocal evidence that forced racial integration profoundly harms White students.

Did Segregation Harm Blacks?

Dedrick Owens father, currently in jail, said his son “hates those kids”

The pivotal study which was said to have caused the Supreme Court to ban racial segregation was one that showed, when given a choice, Black children in segregated schools routinely chose to play with White dolls rather than Black ones. The proponents of integration concealed the fact that the same study showed that Black students in integrated schools actually chose White dolls at an even higher rate than those in all Black schools. Therefore, the study that was used to show that segregation harms Black self-esteem actually proved the opposite. The truth is that integrating Blacks with White children actually magnifies Black failure rates as compared to White students. The result is a lowering of Black self-esteem at first, and then as the racial disparity becomes more pronounced, Blacks then tend to blame White racism for their own failures, which in turn leads to resentment and hostility toward White students.

Achievement tests of Black students show them to be, on average, two to four grade levels behind Whites. By pretending that they are on the same level as Whites, and forcing them into White schools, they are not getting the special attention they need to overcome their learning deficit. Whites who are in overwhelmingly Black schools, which consistently are behind academically, are held back in their educational development. Of course, for whites, academic inferiority is just one of the harmful effects of forced integration. Millions of White students today face racial intimidation, harassment and violence in heavily integrated schools.

Does Racial Integration Harm White Students?

One can answer that question unequivocally by looking at the racial makeup of criminal violence in America. The U.S. Department of Justice annually conducts the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) to determine the frequency of crimes in America. The most recently released report from 1994 shows that a Black is 56 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a White than is a White to commit violence against a Black. Blacks commit over 90 percent of the interracial violent crime, although they are only 13 percent of the population. Let these facts sink in. Blacks don’t commit simply 50 percent more interracial crime or even 100 percent more interracial crime, they commit 5,600 percent more!

Dedrick Owens brother, charged
with stealing gun used by Dedrick
to murder Kayla Rolland.

In the area of gang attacks as illustrated by film footage of the Decatur, Illinois school riot, Blacks are 100 to 250 more likely to be involved in gang attacks on Whites, than the reverse. Some may argue that Blacks attack Whites because they expect them to have cash or valuables, but only 20 percent of Black attacks are robberies. Assault and rape do not usually have economic motives. It is popularly assumed that most Black violent crime is committed against other Blacks. However, the NCVS shows that this is a media myth. Over 55 percent of Black crimes of violence are committed against Whites. Not only are the interracial violent crime rates greatly disparate, but Blacks also a have tremendously higher general violent crime rate than whites, running from 300 to 800 percent higher. Because significant portions of the violent crime are committed by juveniles, it is obvious that these extremely high levels of Black criminality greatly affect crime and intimidation in public education.

Of course, the intolerable level of Black crime in the schools is just one aspect of the harm to European Americans caused by racial integration. Black disciplinary problems deteriorate the learning atmosphere for White students. Black IQ and average learning levels are far lower than comparable White students. Thus, Whites in heavily integrated schools suffer from a school environment that does not educate them to their fullest academic potential.

The moral climate in heavily integrated schools is also less desirable than most White schools. Illegal drug use is at least 400 percent higher among Blacks than Whites. Studies show that the Black venereal disease rate for AIDS, gonorrhea and syphilis are between 7 and 50 times higher than that of Whites. The Black illegitimacy rate is many times higher than Whites. Gangster rap and the crude and obscene ghetto language permeating these schools could certainly be said to harmful to White students as a group.

If is legitimate for the U.S. Supreme Court to set educational policies by how they affect Black students as a group, why is it not appropriate to look at how they affect Whites?

Whites Flee Public Education

Memorial in Michigan to the
memory of Kayla Rolland.

The forced integration of public schools has caused millions of White parents to abandon the public educational system that their own taxes disproportionately finance. In every American major city there has been both a White flight to the suburbs and a inner-city resegregation into private or religious schools. Parents, in good conscience, can’t send their children to the public schools, and those who are unable to afford private education, must endure the harmful conditions brought on by racial integration. In reality, Whites face a far more serious denial of basic rights than what Black students faced by segregation. Blacks obviously did not face physical attacks and intimidation from Whites in their own schools.

Which is a more important “right,” the “right” for a Black student to sit next to White, or the right of a White child to be free from violence and intimidation in school. Integration has destroyed a safe and quality educational environment for millions of Whites, and has resulted in denial of the far more basic right of European Americans to use the public schools their own taxes finance.

The U.S. Supreme Court abolished racial segregation by saying it was harmful to Black students as a group. Overwhelming evidence shows that racial integration has damaged public education in every major American city and has been terribly harmful to millions of European Americans. It is a failed experiment in social engineering that must be ended. Our children must have the right to use our public schools, and have those schools be safe as well as providing an excellent learning environment as well as cultural and moral climate suited to our people. We have a right not to be forced out of public schools by violence, intimidation, and a dysfunctional educational environment. The only way we can exercise those rights is by ending forced integration and allowing freedom of choice for our children. Surveys have repeatedly shown that most Whites and Blacks want to go to school with their own. For the lobotomized minority of Blacks and Whites who want integration, let them, in magnet school programs, have all the integration they can stand.

In the case of Kayla Rolland, racial integration forced her into an environment with Black students who disproportionately come from criminal backgrounds. Integration of education ultimately caused her murder. The facts of extremely higher Black crime and drugs, when combined with forced racial integration, do have tragic consequences. One of those consequences robbed a beautiful child, Kayla Rolland, of her life. Kayla is one more victim of Racial Integration, and she is one victim that we, who are dedicate

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