Cuppy's Coffee Smoothie and More Drive Thru, Kiosk, Cafe, Walk up Cart Espresso Franchise

Cuppy's Coffee, Smoothies & More is a specialty coffee drive thru franchise business that specializes in the world’s finest coffee, latte, espresso and smoothie drinks available today.

Cuppy's offers franchise business opportunities which include the Coffee Drive Thru / Dual Drive Up, Coffee Cafe, Island Walk Up / Coffee Carts and Kiosks. Cuppys takes pride in taking an active role in helping our franchise family achieve their dreams of financial independence! By working shoulder-to-shoulder with our family of franchisees, Cuppy's leads the way in the Specialty Coffee Drive Thru Industry.

Serving up great attitudes, premium products, speedy service and the best tasting coffee drinks and smoothies in under a minute is what brings Cuppy's customers back again and again each week! Many of our customers visit us 4 or more times per week!

Operating a successful coffee, smoothie drive thru, Cuppy's can teach how to:

  • Start a new Coffee Shop, Coffee Drive Thru, Coffee Cart, Coffee Cafe and Smoothie Bar franchise.
  • Drive up revenues for espresso based drinks in your Kiosk, Cafe or Shop, Latte Stand, or Smoothie Drive Thru.
  • Provide business opportunities for the coffee franchise and smoothie franchise business entrepreneur.
Latest News
Cuppy's Coffee Smoothies & More Offers Free Child Care
Cuppy's Coffee, Smoothies & More, a national coffee and smoothie franchise based in Florida, now provides an extra benefit to its employees. In-house day care at NO CHARGE.

Cuppy's Coffee, Smoothies & More Celebrates Grand Opening in Shalimar
Cuppy's Coffee, Smoothies & More is pleased to announce the grand opening of its gourmet coffee drive-thru, located at 1255 Eglin Parkway in Shalimar, FL across from the Shalimar Courthouse.

How Power Smoothies Promote Weight Loss
Scientists from the New York Obesity Research Center found that people who used GNC's soy-based shakes lost three times more weight than those who consumed the same amount of calories eating regular food.

Coffee’s bad rap
People attempting to kick the coffee habit may now wonder why they should bother. A spate of new studies seems to find nothing but virtue in the popular drink; in some respects, coffee apparently even leaves fruits and vegetables in the dust.

Waking up to smell the coffee
For a nation known across the world for its love of tea it is ironic that London now possesses more Starbucks than Manhattan Island.

Coffee Economic Forecast
Eighty percent of Americans drink coffee - 53% every day vs. 49% in 2004 - reports the National Coffee Association (Petrecca, 2005). Americans are in the grips of a coffee craze.

Coffee, one fungus or two?
Fungi are the secret to tasty coffee, says a Brazilian researcher who is the first to identify the moulds that give coffee its distinctive range of flavours and aromas.

Rockey has coffee with the president
Probably very few people believed that Rockey Vaccarella would get an audience with President George Bush. Maybe Rockey himself had his doubts. But all of the doubts were put to rest Wednesday morning when Vaccarella walked into the Oval Office and had morning coffee with the President.

In-car Coffee Makers
Even though it is dangerous to drive while eating or drinking, most morning commuters still want to have their coffee on the way to work. Car designers know this, which is why they install cup holders that are easy for the driver to reach.

Coffee with a conscientious kick
Not only can crop certification give farmers a better deal, in Peru one system is slowing deforestation. The range of certifications available allows retailers to capture a larger share of the ethical consumer market by offering a product that guarantees stringent social and environmental conditions.

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