GaMMeR  05.12.2000

Angel Munoz: CPL, cyberathletics and something else...

Introduce yourself , please, and tell me about your education and activities that was prior to foundation of CPL

Level-10 Mensa member, bareknuckle boxer, Spanish Lord descendant, paramedic, deep sea diver, black belt in Karate, Harvard MBA graduate and tattoo artist. Angel Munoz is none of these, but he is the founder and president of the Cyberathlete Professional League, CEO and Chairman of and founder of the Adrenaline Vault. He was also the founder and president of a Dallas-based investment firm, that focused on high-tech companies.

What is your version of origin of terms "cyberathlete" and "cyberathletics"

I formulated the word cyberathlete in 1997 to describe my vision of a new breed of athlete, unrestricted by the limitations of natural laws and master of the virtual competition arenas created by computer games.

What is your opinion about things that are common to cyberathletics and traditional sports and what's the difference

The similarities are psychological and minutely physical. Things like reaction time, snap movement, twitch, focus, strategy and concentration. The differences are in the amount of physical exertion required to practice the sport.

Which psychophisiological features are the most important for yberathlete?

After years of watching the CPL tournaments I would say that the most important characteristics of a successful cyberathlete are: concentration, focus and skill. Tell me about the specific things that you are responsible for being CEO of New World which incorporates both CPL and Adrenaline Vault.

It means that I must be able to envision the future, predict trends before they surface and through prognostication determine the best direction for the entire company. At times, I feel like a modern version of a medieval foreseer or fortune teller and I even keep a crystal ball on my desk. This crystal ball serves to remind me that as the leader of our company I must always make decisions based on the possibility of future occurrences, that sometimes may not be recognizable to other people.

Some words about birth, history and future plans of CPL

Birth - June 26, 1997
History - Three years on uninterrupted growth
Future - CPL established as the undisputed premier gamers league in the world

Which events organized by CPL do you consider as the most successful

The ones we have not done yet :) Progress in all areas, is law at the CPL.

Your vision of the future of professional computer gaming at all

Professional gamers recognized not only for the dollars they make but more so for their humility in victory and their strength in defeat. The would be a true sign that cyberathletics is a true evolutionary sport.

What do you think about the idea of organizing kinda CPL event in one of the ex-USSR countries. There is a lot of talented and skilled gamers here.

I think that would be great. The CPL is open to participation from all countries and we are currently working on main events in the following countries: Germany, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Canada.

This year is the last year of millenium. So can you compose the list that contains 10 games of all times that shocked you most of all.

10. Pong
9. Zork
8. Zelda
7. Time Commando
6. Crusader: No Remorse
5. Unreal
4. Quake
3. Doom
2. Doom 2
1. Half-Life

Did you have the gaming experience in duels with famous stars-gamers I mean Thresh, Kornelia etc :))

Haha... if I want someone to wipe the floor with me I would rather just turn into a mop. I am purely amateur and do not stand a chance against any pro-gamer. Oh well once Rix and I played Q3 on a server, it was bloody. I am still trying to forget it.

Tell me please who was the winner in your battle with John Romero in Dremcast's Ready 2 Rumble (I have seen the photos about a year ago) :))))

Romero and I played Ready 2 Rumble at Ground ZERO in NYC - here's a picture. It was a close battle but I can't remember who won, both of us are very competitive and we were laughing hysterically through the entire match. A few people watched the match so maybe they email and tell us who won.


Is Stevie "Killcreek" Case still working both at Ion Storm and for CPL?

Yes. Stevie is still a level designer at Ion Storm and also an active member of the CPL advisory board.

How do you manage to find "fat" sponsors for your events. And which of the CPL tournaments had the biggest prize fund.

It seems sponsors are finding us, mostly through the strong referrals from our existing sponsors. The largest cash prize will be in December with a $100,000 Quake 3 tournament, a $15,000 Counter-Strike tournament and a $7,500 All-Female Quake 3 tournament. Total of $122,500 in cash. Largest cash and prizes will be the Gateway Midtown Madness 2 tournament with over $300,000 in cash and prizes.

Fatality, Munoz & Makavelli

Your personal Top 5 of gaming sites

Finally someone asked me this question! I will not include because of my obvious bias, as the founder of that website. Here's my list:

4. The Challenge Network
3. Blue's News
2. Stomped
1. ShugaShack

What is your attitude to console games. Do you play them? Did you play already Quake III Arena for DC or Unreal Tournament for PS2. If so, tell me please about your impressions

I do not own them but next year I will get one for my children. I think the Dreamcast is still the best console and the best value for the dollar.

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