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Why the Institute was Established

Hearing loss and ear disease amongst Australians is almost at an epidemic stage.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics' 2001 National Health Survey revealed nearly 2.5 million people were affected by hearing loss, with tens of thousands of children and adults currently suffering from ear disease.

The Lions Ear and Hearing Institute is dedicated to reducing these rising figures by researching into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all ear and hearing disorders.

Established in 2001, the vision and focus provided by the specialised team at the Lions Ear and Hearing Institute has resulted in groundbreaking medical advancements in surgical techniques and the diagnosis and management of ear and hearing disorders.

How the Institute Operates

The Lions Ear and Hearing Institute is affiliated with a number of key local, national, and international organisations, including the University of Western Australia, teaching hospitals, the Health Department of Western Australia and international medical groups.

The Lions Ear and Hearing Institute has strong support from the Lions Hearing Foundation which has provided community hearing services for decades and now has achieved the long term goal of helping to establish the Lions Ear and Hearing Institute.

The Institute is led by internationally respected surgeon, Professor Marcus Atlas, one of Australia's leading ear specialists. Professor Atlas is supported by a strong research and management team. The Council of Governors and Executive Board include prominent and highly skilled Western Australians.

The Lions Ear and Hearing Institute also comprises of a team of University trained audiologists delivering high quality audiological care at a number of clinics across the metropolitan area.

The Future

The Lions Ear and Hearing Institute is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which relies on research grants, community donations and bequests for its ongoing research into the diagnosis and treatment of ear and hearing disorders.

Our commitment to help the hearing impaired achieve physical and emotional independence is constantly being realised with thousands of people around the world continuing to benefit from the foresight of our dedicated team of surgeons, researchers, clinicians and students.