November 1st, 2006

Socktobeerfest part II

GoodGirlPurl did a great job of covering our gathering, I just have a few photos to add. (This is an image heavy post, I apologize to those with slower dial-up)

This is my blood orange (second sock) from my dye-o-rama swap. See, I did work on socks this past month!

The grrls, knitting, drinking, and having fun!

The lovely sock I received was from the award winning NanC! (pictured here with her ribbon and award winning socks!)

And here is my lovely, lovely sock (I love it so much! It is so much more wonderful than anything I would have ever made for myself!), morning after the party…

And here is The Squid’s sock she made!

I was so excited by my sock that I cast on at the party! Here is where I am at now…

Now that Socktoberfest is over and November is starting… here are my goals for the month (I find with a toddler in the house, I must manage my free time or I get nothing knit!):

1) continue the second sock from our SSSSSSSSSSSssswap

2) Hopefully finish Cozy for a gift

and 3) start the Hourglass Sweater for Norovember

(I scored the Cash Iroha at 50% off!! Woo-hoo!! )

Whew, that’s it for me! What do you have going on?


October 30th, 2006

Long Live the Circle of Socks!

This past Saturday was the Socktobeer fest for our little knitting group.  We got our secret pals a couple months ago and the assignment was to make one sock, just one out of stash yarn and gift it to our secret pal. Included in the giftie should be the yarn for sock number 2, and the pattern you used especially for them! 

Look what I got at the Socktobeer fest? 


Adorable or what?  Kathy (blogless) was my secret pal!  I got this beautiful sock out of Artyarns Merino, the cute (handmade!) sockbag, and super cute “mini me” sock.  I don’t currently have any Artyarn sock yarn… AMAZING, I know… I am looking forward to starting this second sock!  (Thank you Kathy, I love it all!!!)

The person I knit for was Skitter!  I think she likes her sock!

It’s Cherry Tree Hill I got out of the Sock Potluck at Simply Sock Yarns.  Very fun!

It was a great swap (thanks Aubyn!) and a great party (thanks Chris!).  We had pumpkin beer, apricot beer, cider, belgian beer… and the list goes on. There was fabulous homemade food too.  Dang, we really should have a Socktobeer fest everymonth!  I can’t tell you how great it is that I am able to be a part of a really cool, diverse, interesting, smart, funny, amazingly special group of ladies like I am.  May the sock circle remain unbroken!  (Thanks again Kathy! I love what you made for me!)

October 23rd, 2006

Squid and Squash

October 22nd, 2006

Austin Stalker Meetup

Ok, better late than never right? Right! So, last week while The Squid and I were on vacation visiting my folks in San Antonio, I swung up to Austin to meet up with old friends and new for the Stalker Meetup!

Just because…

You can’t tell from the photo but this is Skitter and NanC under the Hill Country Weaver Sign…

And here are a bunch of photos of knitters knitting and eating…(my 2 favorite things)



I had a lot of fun and can hardly wait until the next time! I did purchase some lovely things that I want to share with you, but that will wait for another post. And just because, here is my Alex in a blue box. I call it “Alex in a blue box”.

October 20th, 2006

Lots to Blog About!!

Just not ready to yet (dang camera batteries!!!), so go check out 200Sox for the latest and greatest in Socktoberfest knitting and I’ll check back in a day or so with a post about my Austin adventure and new yarn stashing!

October 16th, 2006

The October Sock Goes to Small Town Texas!

I have had some sock yarn for over a year that I have called my “fall” yarn.  Well, in honor of Socktober Fest, I broke it out last week and did a quick swatch.  Hubby decided he liked it and it was time he got a new pair of socks!  The Pirate showed me the Turkish cast-on for some toe up socks and off I went!  This past weekend we drove down to a little town outside of Austin called Bertram where a friend has a farmhouse that has been in his family for over 100 years.  Seriously!  It was built in 1906 and is an official Texas Historical Landmark.  We were VERY excited!  Here’s the sock checking the map!

Once there, we played cards, ate some good food, rode around the property in the back of the pickup truck and fed the horses some carrots!  They have 180 acres with the house but don’t live there full time.  It is shared by the three surviving siblings and each of their families throughout the year and they lease the land to other farmers in the area who need additional land to feed their horses and cattle.  Here’s the sock playing cards on the front porch! 

We brought Soleil with us and as you can see from the picture below, she fit right in as a “farm” dog!  (They chase whatever bird is hanging around and sleep on the porch!)

Here’s the house!

Pretty cool huh? There were so many original pieces of furniture and stuff that they have from their great Grandparents.  Everywhere you went in the house, there was something new to look at.  Dishes, books, an antique ice box, all kinds of cabinets with figurines, even the door casings were cool! But the really neat thing I really liked about it is that it isn’t a showcase house, it’s a house you live in.  The sock and I had a great time, especially sitting on the front porch and knitting!