Location : Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Affilation : T.K.G

Style : Panambience. The sound of stuff and things

gun-shy (gnsh) :adj.
1) Afraid of loud noise, such as that of gunfire.
2) Extremely distrustful or wary.

Gunshae is live ambience at it most beguiling.

Gunshae is improvised laptop and live instrumentation.

Gunshae in this incarnation is comprised of Kuma on sounds and Eve on winds.

Gunshae in its first incarnation was comprised of brandon_nothing on bass and k.uma on sounds.

Every Gunshae recording is different. Every live performance is different. Fully improvised to the utmost extent.

"When people jump through time, they give themselves up to the rhyme and reason of the heavens."  
- Julian Cope


Early Material:

Live At Signal and Noise 2006: Video
Live At Signal and Noise 2006: Audio
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