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Licensing and legislation 
Issues in Massage Therapy

Finally!  The Federation of  State Massage Therapy Boards will hopefully be saving us from the clutches of NCBTMB and it's NCE exam.

There are many issues regarding the licensing of massage therapy.  Each state that has required licensing has it's own definitions of what is considered to be massage/bodywork.  There isn't any one universal definition.  Because of the many different types of massage/bodywork, it is important to become involved in creating and ensuring your future. Even though you may think that something doesn't directly affect you, it may in the future.  Become informed of what is going on in your area, nation and globally.  

There are some alternative organizations and information that needs to be considered with regards to licensing.
The Massage Law Newsletter and Healing and the law by Albert Schatz and Mary Brewster, provides information on how legislating massage (massage boards) may be illegal.
The Minnesota Natural Health Coalition - law that says alternative practitioners don't have to be regulated, but patients must sign a clients bill of rights.
NY Natural Health Project - protecting alternative medicine in NY

Los Angeles Massage Therapists Alliance

Massage Therapist Activist Pages - Keith Eric Grants pages on how to be an activist.
 Short history of National Certification. - My personal view of what really happened.  

The National Board of Certification can be found at http://www.ncbtmb.com/

State Massage Boards Chart


See also: Massage Magazines list of states and licensing info

List of Definitions of Massage therapy by state.


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