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Comprehensive List of the Most Popular Hobbies

With the advent of the Internet, many Americans are using the computer to learn a hobby online. Many hobbies lend themselves well to the online medium. A list of hobbies popular in the US would include everything from scrap booking to mountain climbing.
But what exactly is a hobby?

What Is A Hobby?

Webster defines a hobby as "a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation." In other words, a hobby is something someone does outside of his or her profession in order to relax and to relieve stress. A hobby is usually something the person enjoys doing very much.

People choose to pursue hobbies for many different reasons. One reason is for relaxation. Today's work-world puts a large amount of stress on the average person. A hobby provides a needed escape from the stress of modern life. Others may pursue a hobby where the end result is creating something in order to gain a sense of accomplishment. The act of producing something that is of value - either intrinsic or person - generates a sense of success and pride. The bottom line is that people pursue a hobby for their own personal enjoyment. Many people, however, do enjoy their jobs, so what sets a hobby apart from a profession?

What Factors Show The Difference Between A Hobby and A Profession?

While some people do indeed make money from their hobbies, there are many factors that determine the difference between a hobby and a profession. Among these is the purpose of the pursuit, the amount of time spent, and the education or training required to perform the task.
Purpose of Pursuit
A profession is what a person pursues in order to make money. A hobby, on the other hand, is something that a person pursues solely for pleasure. The primary goal is relaxation, not monetary gain. A person pays their bills through a profession and gains personal enjoyment through a hobby.
Amount of Time Committed
A person's profession is going to be the thing that takes the majority of their time. Most professionals work from eight to ten hours a day. A hobby, on the other hand, does not take up the majority of a person's time, but may consume a great deal of their free time.
Educational Requirements
A profession often demands the attainment of a formal education whereas hobbies are often self-taught. Many people turn to the Internet to learn a hobby online. Some may visit hobby stores to take classes relating to their pursuit. While hobbies need to be learned, you don't have to get a degree in basket-weaving or stained glass making to do those things successfully and pleasurably.

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