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You May Be Right

Series Information

Series Information

Star of the stage and Dancing With The Stars judge Todd McKenney will step into the host seat of the new primetime nostalgic entertainment series You May Be Right.

McKenney will be master of ceremonies overseeing two teams of celebrities, pitched against each other as their knowledge of classic movies, music and television is put to the test.

In You May Be Right, teams must compete in a series of games ranging from guess that tune with a twist in 'Looney Tunes' to the thrill-a-second, 'Face Race' which can be best described as charades-meets-karaoke-on-steroids!

A surprise guest celebrity will keep the two teams guessing each week in the game 'Crate Expectations' and members of the live studio audience have a chance to be involved in 'Slay That Song'.
McKenney said: I've always had a head full of trivia so I'm thrilled I finally get to use it as we revisit tv shows, legendary movies, daggy tv ads and music clips each week. And the best part is that everybody at home can play along.

McKenney will be joined by the You May Be Right house band - the very talented, very red, larger than life, Scared Weird Little Guys, whose frenzied blend of music, comedy and theatre promises to keep the celebrity teams on their toes.

If you live in Sydney and you'd like to be in the audience for YOU MAY BE RIGHT, please phone 02 9455 0404 during business hours.

1. saintmum73 - Aug 27 08:35pm
I absolutely LOVE this show!! Who ever thought of it is a genieous! I'm watching it right now, and let me tell you, I will be making sure Sundays at 7:30 will be switched to this show.

I'm not much of a tv watcher, in fact, I would probably watch less than 5 hours a week.

When I first heard about this show on 2WS FM I didn't think it would be much good, because Todd McKenney was going to be the host. How wrong was I. He is indespensable. He has made me laugh at his antics, humour and th
2. saintmum73 - Aug 27 08:36pm
AWESOME SHOW! Loved every second of it!

Keep it coming!!
3. chriso412 - Aug 27 09:11pm
i was just wandering who the co-stars were ,this is a great show i love it
4. geojomac - Aug 27 09:23pm
Not a bad show - certainly has potential and good to see something that is family friendly... But seriously, blanking out a cigarette from a commercial shown last week is a bit extreme, don't you think? Laughed when I read the SWLG's letter to the Green Guide defending their originality of the "Looney Tunes" segment plus mentioning tonight they've been doing it since early 90s... Sorry guys, "One Song to the Tune of Another" has been performed by Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor et al. in the
5. geojomac - Aug 27 09:24pm
radio series "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" since at least 1984. "Just a Minute" and "Pick Up Song" would make for good segments as well! At least "RockWiz", "Spicks and Specks" and this show are different enough that they don't compete with each other - I'll keep watching.
6. missmadz01 - Aug 28 07:18am
YAY! I totaly loooooove this show. I had never watched it until last night, becuase my fave person in the world, Rachael Beck was on it!! But It's really worth watching and no doubt I will be watching in the weeks to come, this show is great!
7. free2beadude - Aug 28 03:56pm
I have not had a chance to watch it as yet because in Tasmania "Southern Cross Television" has a mix of network 10 shows and shows from the seven network, so we get Australian Idol instead.
This makes it hard for the That's Life! puzzle to be answered for me.
8. sydneygirl65 - Aug 30 01:58pm
One of the most fun and entertaining shows on TV, even my 9 year old son loves it. Well done to everyone and hope it's around for a long, long time.
9. haileshero - Sep 01 05:01am
I think this show is fantastic! It probably is a little similar to Spicks and Specks but if the formula works then you have to go with it, not that Spicks and Specks is original either...actually not that anything is particularly original come to think of it...
Its also fantastic seeing different celebrities on as contestants every week too. Australia doesn't make nearly enough use of our celebrities and shows like this are great for keeping them in the public eye
10. k1w1here - Sep 03 08:22pm
Watching this show tonight, it is a joke. When a team answers the questions wrong he still gives them the points. I like the ABC show much better than this.
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