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Artist: Bone Crusher
Interviewer: Matt Harding

Bone Crusher is back!!! The big Atlanta MC has a lot of things on his plate. After Jermaine Dupri's So So Def moved to Arista he's started his own label, VainGlorious, and has several TV and film projects in the works, including the upcoming season of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club.

You may remember his dirrrrty south club banger, "Never Scared" off his album AttenChun, in 2003. When that album dropped, Bone Crusher was sitting on top of the world. But he would soon come back down to Earth, after he was forced to leave So So Def. In 2006 Bone Crusher is set to rebound now that his label situation straight. His new album, Release the Beast is set to drop later this month, and he took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about it with us.

SoundSlam: How has the journey back to the top been since you were left off of So So Def's move to Virgin?

Bone Crusher: Well you know, the whole situation was that we all got caught up on Jive (Records), and Jive was not the label that none of us signed to. So all these years we've been stuck on Jive like land of the lost: me, the Clipse, J-Kwon, and the YoungBloodz. The YoungBloodz came out with a record and they didn't do nothing with it. Ciara, everybody's stuck on Jive right now and they ain't doing s**t, so we are just working. I finally got my release from them and I got a new album coming out, ASAP. It's coming out July 18, Release the Beast. I've been doing a lot of acting, and I've been doing TV shows; a lot of things people haven't seen yet that's coming out. So, all you do is stay working, keep the bills paid and on time.

SoundSlam: How do you feel about Atlanta's status as the hot bed of southern Hip-Hop?

Bone Crusher: It feels great, you know. I'm proud to be, or have everyone say that I'm one of the pioneers, but I let the people say that. I'm just trying to have a good time; it's just fun to see everybody having a good time and doing the music that they love, and the movement is just so big, and its just large right now. Everybody is getting their just due. All my friends that I've known for years, we've just sat around, our fortunes broke, talking about what it could be, what it should be, and what it is. So it's a wonderful movement and I think it's great and fun and it's still hot. Now it's time for me to come back and get a little more of this.

SoundSlam: What would you say to critics who think southern Hip Hop is a backward step?

Bone Crusher: People say what they want to say. What we do at home (Atlanta) is we enjoy music, and that's the problem with a lot of people in other regions...They don't enjoy music. That's what it's all about it. It's just music and having; have fun. It ain't about trying to be the most what ever you're trying to be, or the hardest guy in the world. We're just trying to have fun and enjoy music. That's the reason why everybody's gravitating to the South, because its about having fun. It's about the music. It isn't about killing each other and destroying each other. It's all about uplifting and just having some fun. Whether or not you like the type of music it is, you gotta understand and love the actual camaraderie of the musicians that are having fun, and that's what it's all about. Like performing on stage, you may not know what he's talking about on stage, because you're not hearing all the words, but he's having fun. You're looking at him having fun and eventually you're looking at him like, "Damn this motherf**ker is really enjoying himself," and that's what the south movement is about, good music, good times, good fun.

Soundslam: How's this album different from Attenchun?

Bone Crusher: It ain't, it's the same record, it's all never scared stuff. It's just chillin,, and killin''s total anarchy in the club though. It's about mosh-pitting and just having total energy. Where are you from?

Soundslam: I'm from Chicago.

Bone Crusher: You ever been to Atlanta?

Soundslam: Yeah, I got family in Atlanta.

Bone Crusher: You go into the ghetto spots, then you can feel that vibe...the back crunkness of the club at home...people bouncing around, jumping around, getting crazy and going home sweaty. That's what the albums about, definitely all that. When they hear it their going to be angry. I had some people I was playing the music for and they were like, "I just want to workout to it...Just get, get my sweat on!" (Laughs). That's what this album is about, getting your sweat on and getting crazy with it.

Soundslam: Who did you get a chance to work with on the new album?

Bone Crusher: You know what, this album is all me, and my artists that's on my label, Tezy and Yung 20, Pricila (Divine), and Sean Falyon The Great. My first single has Cottonmouth on it, and we're just bringing some new elements to the table, more southern people for you to say, "Damn I'm upset" (laughs)...We just keep on coming!

Soundslam: How has the transition been from being an artist, to being an artist and running your label, VainGlorious Entertainment?

Bone Crusher: Outstanding...It's all about the music, and it's fun to be on this side of the table too, as far as finding talent and helping them put their image together, and actually working on projects. I think that's what labels are missing now. They don't have real A&R;'s anymore that actually go in and work with the artist, and create a certain type of look and sound for the group. That way when you get out there you don't look like a fool on camera, or you don't sound like a fool in interviews. Everybody's like, "Damn that motherf**ker sounds stupid." You don't want that, you want them to be like, "Hey, I like that that's fresh, I can get in to this it's good." That whole part of it has been outstanding for me. To be able to go into the studio and be like, "Yo man we got to make sure the record sounds like this, with you're image...That's all you." We're not making anything fake here at VainGlorious, we're making real s**t, real good music...the essence of what Hip Hop is.

Soundslam: That's good to hear, because there seems to be more and more artists who are in this for money instead of making quality music.

Bone Crusher: And in turn it makes everything sh***y. If you're in it just for the cash you're not thinking about the essence of music. You're just thinking about your dollar. When it's all over, the music is f**ked up, and you can't make money because you've saturated your whole project. It's like a person who eats only fast food, because they just want to get rid of the hunger. Before long your body has cancer. You need to realize why you have cancer. You have a cancer because you just want to get rid of the hunger, instead of thinking about the things that you are consuming. That's how it is. Everything in life has a purpose and everything in life is all stacked up. If you want to kill the hunger with some fruit, go on, your body likes that. But if you want to kill it with a burger, you're in trouble. You kill it with burgers over and over again; if you kill it with junk food for so long that means that there's a cancer, and that's the problem. That's why the South is so big, because we're not trying to kill it with the fast food. We're just trying to give them some substance of what we like, What We Like. It ain't about trying to do stuff just to do be doing it, it's about what we like. We don't care what anybody thinks, and that when we win. If you don't care what anybody thinks and you just do what you do, people hear it and they're like, "Damn, I like that, I like that." That's what creates a movement.

Soundslam: That's a great outlook on the industry, and the creative process. It's too bad that there aren't as many executives who share that opinion.

Bone Crusher: I appreciate it, you just do what G-d has given you, and you just try to live with what he's given us and use it, and that's what it's all about. A lot of people don't use what G-d has given us, we squander. You don't want to squander away talent, you want to be able to embrace it and make something better, and make the people know that you're here, and that's what we do at VainGlorious.

Soundslam: You've been real busy TV wise. How did you get hooked up with VH1's Celebrity Fit Club?

Bone Crusher: You know Bizarre of D12 is a good friend of mine and he was on last season. He said, "Bone, you gotta go on there, man. I'm telling you, show them how big boys do it. Just go on there; they're gonna think you're slow and you're weak and you'll shock them, watch." So I went on there. At first it was kind of a joke, and now it's turned into something that's been life changing for me. I've changed my diet, I've changed a lot of things about my thinking process. It's just really helped me out a lot. The show is really a blessing. Anybody that goes on there, if they take it seriously, will lose a lot of weight. I've lost so much weight my shirts are so big on me now that you'd be like damn! I mean, I not skinny, I'm big as s**t, but I'm down to my high school size, and its great.

Soundslam: Congratulations. Did you have a weight loss goal?

Bone Crusher: I'm real competitive, and being competitive it doesn't matter what it is, it could be a pie eating competition, and I would eat all the pies. So when they say "If you lose x amount of weight, then you can be the champion and set a record," I want the record, so I'm trying to drop that weight.

Soundslam: I heard you've been working on a cooking show too?

Bone Crusher: We're in negotiations with...well I can't say who it is, but you know the network, the only cooking network around. We're trying to see what's up with that.

Soundslam: So will this show feature healthy food from your "Celebrity Fit Club" experience?

Bone Crusher: Yeah, yeah, it definitely will. Instead of eating the pork we're gonna substitute it with turkey bacon. We're gonna cook a lot of things where we substitute for fatty foods, and we'll cook with a lot of leaner meats. It's going to be fun man. A lot of good seafood, it's going to be good...outstanding.

Soundslam: Along with "Celebrity Fit Club" and the cooking show, you were in "ATL," which came out this past spring. Do you have any thing else on the horizon?

Bone Crusher: Right now...I got a few things I'm doing. I might do a TV show on network TV, I got a movie shooting next year. I already shot three movies, I got "ATL," I got "Trois: 3," and I did another movie, "Dead Heist." It should be out the end of this year, or January next year. Anyway, you'll be seeing it. I love working on the movies. It's good pay, and it's consistent. It isn't like what your doing it'd take 30 years for them to give you a million dollars. Acting and the movies, they pay on time man...on time, right to your mailbox, I'm like "Damn!!" (laughs).
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