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Iran is a key political and economic centre in the region - it has 70 million people and rich natural resources. For example, it has the second-largest natural gas reserves and the fifth-largest oil reserves in the world, plus large deposits of bauxite, copper, coal and natural stone. Iran is also the most important partner for the reconstruction of the neighbouring country Afghanistan.

Iran's economic potential has improved as a result of its political opening towards the West, the resumption of official export guarantees for business, increased foreign-exchange revenues from oil exports and the latest economic reforms. The main focuses in IranĀ“s economic development plans are:

  • The housing market - around 6 million housing units are to be built.
  • The development of transport infrastructure and the mining industry.
  • Significant expansion - by 130% - of production capacities for building materials, especially cement.
  • The mining and construction sector - strong demand for the latest technology, expertise and all forms of cooperation.
  • With annual economic growth at more than 5%, Iran has become the most important growth market in the entire region.

Infrastructure projects of significance to the construction industry
Extensive network expansion - 1.300 km of new expressways, 1.000 km of roads, 3.400 km railroad connections, expansion of subway network and modernization, expansion of harbours.

  • 1.4 billion Euro are being spend for water and sewage projects
  • In Tehran alone the five years plan contains
    -construction on nine million meters of sewage pipes
    -construction of sewage treatment plants with a capacity for a population of 1.05 people
    -connection of more than 850 residential units to the municipal sewage system
  • Dam construction for the supply of drinking water, irrigation and power generation
  • Residential and industrial construction - affordable housing (annual demand 1 million) renovation and rebuilding of existing structures, establishing satellite cities

As the economy expands, there is increasing activity in industrial construction (petrochemical, automotive, refineries etc.), public building construction and hotel refurbishment.

Potential plans in the mining industry 

More than 2,500 active mines, 60-75% under private/joint control.
More than 60 minerals with commercial potential discovered.
Mining and mineral processing enjoy high priority in the current economic development plan. Developing the sector for diversification, expanding the economic base and reducing Iran's dependence on oil/gas are essential. The objective of the plan is to substitute raw-material exports with exports of manufactured semi-finished and finished goods. The development of the mining industry requires significant input of capital and state-of-the-art technology. 

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