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About Labour

So, why do  people support the Labour Party? Watch this short film and find out.

Labour has only been in government for four short periods of the 20th century. However its achievements have revolutionised the lives of the British people. The values Labour stands for today are those which have guided it throughout its existence.

  • social justice
  • strong community and strong values
  • reward for hard work
  • decency
  • rights matched by responsibilities

These pages are designed for you to find out more about us. They contain information about the party, its origins and beliefs.

  • How we work sets out the party structure, including information on the National Executive Committee, and an explanation of our Partnership in Power programme - drawn up to ensure that the government, the party and the people stay in touch.
  • Labour people includes details of the Prime Minister and the rest of the Cabinet, our MPs and other elected representatives in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and European Parliament.
  • Members' services includes information on how to renew party membership, and great deals open to current membership.
  • Our history tells you about the party's origins and achievements.
  • Work for Labour contains adverts and job descriptions for all current vacancies.
  • Shop - order online for Labour Party merchandise 
  • Links takes users to the Scottish and Welsh Labour websites and contains details of our regional offices and information for young people, students, trade unions, business and international partners.
    If you want to help Labour campaign, visit our action centre.