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+ The only thing that I know is that I don't know. Everything else is just speculation, but fuck do I speculate a lot. Expect my journals to be part observation, part rant, and part brain-vomitting that hasn't been thought out beforehand.

+ There are a lot of things I will seriously discuss, but I am a very goofy person that seeks salvation through the absurd. I'll discuss the finer points of Karl Marx while dropping plastic parachute men off my roof (I've seriously done this before - if you wanna come over sometime and do it too, my door's always open.)

+ I am a Dischordian. If you know not what that is, look it up, it'll at least make you laugh. Hail Eris!
Why would I write down my mods: ...when you can just see me naked and see for yourself, silly.
Current obsessions: + Nirvana's music (this happens periodically it seems)

+ Chaos theory and learning about it.

+ Flying squirrels and trying to get one. If you know, HELP!

+ Cat burglers and theivery in general

+ Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn

+ Japanese
"What's a fish with no eyes?": "Fssshhhhhh." - Pirate Billy, the dwarf who called me a landlubber.
Currently I am...: + Reviewing applications for the position of Locke's Super Arch Nemesis

+ Really not wanting to be at work and trying to think of ways not to be here.

+ Covertly picking a wedgie.
Book of the moment: I'm reading both Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks and George Carlin's Brain Droppings.
I pray to these gods: - Christopher Walken
- Derek Hess
- Jello Biafra
- Chuck Palahnuik
- Fred Korematsu
- George A. Romero
- Nobuo Uematsu
- George Carlin
- Frank Miller
Posted: 11/14/06 at 04:51 PM  RSS
DN ate this entry
Thanks for all the love guys. I'm feelig a bit better now, about 85%, and I think I'll be 100% soon. Considering doing the Master Cleanser like ms. is to flush everything on out. I just don't know if I can do lemonade, cayanne pepper, and syrup for 10 days. Bleh.

Playing hooky from work today and I really don't want to go back. That job's killing me artistically, emotionally, and financially (I have to pay almost 300 bucks a month to get back and forth). Unfortunately though the "weird looking girl" stigma here is insane, so it's hard to find a place that will hire me and won't have me go apeshit on employer and customer alike. So... I'm looking in to stripping. Part time hours, full-time cash... Just gotta find a place that's like no contact because if some random douche grabbed my chest I can't promise that he'd have a head at the end of the night. Bleh. I don't know much about stripping though, so if anyone has any advice, I'd love to pick your brain for a little while.

If that works out somehow, I'd finally be able to afford a tattoo apprenticeship and holy hell that'd make my, I don't know, decade?

I wanna be japanese when I grow up.

 Random photo time!

Click For Full Size
 This was from my first official photoshoot, back when I was 17 and known as Pastiche.

 DN ate the rest of this entry for some reason.


Fun Fact: Japanese women sometimes get surgery to make their eyes look bigger, much in the same manner that american women get surgery to make their chests look bigger.

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Sin - Model - 11/14/06 at 04:48 PM
I love that your hair and nails match!
Locke - Model - 11/14/06 at 04:51 PM
Funny thing is that it was totally unintentional. My haircolor just kinda bled all over my chrome nail polish and even though I could wash the dye off my hands, it stayed in the nailpolish. Kind of a cool effect though.
Jersey - 11/14/06 at 05:04 PM
even thinking about that cleanse and it makes me tired hahah
Locke - Model - 11/15/06 at 12:39 PM

Haha, I can't say I blame you! Blood pressure plummeting during cleanses sucks balls.

Did you ever end up eating that pound of cake?

Jersey - 11/15/06 at 12:52 PM
yes I did!!  it was my lunch one day at work... I'm a piggie!
Locke - Model - 11/15/06 at 01:17 PM
You're my hero, Jersey.
Jersey - 11/15/06 at 01:54 PM
heheheh what can I say?  I have a very accomodating mouth!
ChazStrummer - 11/14/06 at 05:09 PM

Interesting pic.


Archangel M - 11/14/06 at 05:09 PM
I'd advise against stripping, if only because it's a nasty business and you'd have to deal with all sorts of slimeballs.  Is there a Hot Topic nearby that's hiring?

If you're going on a fast, go on a fruit/veggies fast.  If you have to cut out solid food for ten days, splurge on some of those fruit/veggie juices from Naked Juice brand (Bolthouse Farms and Odwalla offer similar blends).  You'll get your nutrition without garbaging up on junk food and other crap.

The Japanese are weird.
Locke - Model - 11/15/06 at 12:48 PM

Selling corporate rebel gear to teenie boppers who think Good Charolette invented punk rock is far more sleezy than getting naked and shaking it. I'd feel like a skeeze. Plus I'd probably slaughter 20 people by the end of my first shift. Nothankyou.

I know there's tons of skeeze in stripping too, don't get me wrong, but I can't work normal jobs. They're destroying my faith in humanity and stifling my creativity, much less they don't pay anything that resembles what I'd need to start my career of choice. So comparitively, as long as I find a damn good club, stripping seems like the better alternative.

 I don't wanna do a fast, I wanna do a major colon-blow and I've heard nothing but good stuff about this master cleanser thingy. So I think it's worth a shot.

 Hell yes they are. But if that's wrong, I don't wanna be right. C'mon man, just think about Pocky.

Archangel M - 11/15/06 at 01:02 PM
Oh, well, in that case go work at a comic book store or something.  At least you'll have reading material to pass the time.

IF you're going to strip for a living, go to one of the classier places.  Make sure they enforce no-drug policies, and that they don't pimp the dancers.  I suggest talking to some of the ladies who work there, and gauge whether they like working there or if they'd sooner cut out their own eyes than turn down a chance to get out.

I think about hentai, not Pocky.  LOL, just kidding but I hear you.  They have really, really good snack items don't they?
Locke - Model - 11/15/06 at 01:12 PM

Comic stores won't hire me because I look like a comic book character. Besides, $6.25 an hour ain't shit. I can't even afford to insure my car as is. Plus the boring 9-5 would have me back in the rut I'm in now, and I'd never be able to afford an apprenticeship. New York's fucking expensive, but it takes money to get out of here. Go figure. 

No doubt. I'm looking in to a club now that has a STRICT no contact policy. I'll make less money there, but I won't have to get grabbed or anything. Besides, any guy gets uppity with me and I'll punch him in the throat. I don't take shit. And if he wants to start a fight, I'm a blackbelt so I'd like to watch him get taken down by a girl in stripper heels. I'm planning on casing the joint soon, talking to some of the dancers and seeing what goes on there. But I've heard nothing but good stuff from other dancers who've worked there. Trust me, I'm doing my homework.

Hell yes they do! I'll pack on the pounds if I'm unsupervised in an asian grocery on payday.

Archangel M - 11/15/06 at 01:45 PM
Ah, okay then.  Huh, I'd have thought the store would hire precisely because a person looks like a comic book character.  But the pay does suck though.  Plus a lot of places don't really hire once they get a staff they know and trust.  Still, why any store would turn a gal with your looks down is beyond me.  Obviously they're not completely there in the cranium, if you take my meaning.

Good doing your homework.  And at least you can handle yourself, but watch out if your state has concealed carry; some of these whackjobs pack heat and you don't know it until they draw their gun.

Have you ever tried those rice cracker-snacks that have the Osaka mix?  I also like those toasted peas they have with the crunchy coating on them.  Delicious!
Chixor - Model - 11/14/06 at 07:37 PM
Hey I did the MC for like 21 days early this year *will need to hunt down my journals* the cayenne pepper is hard to deal with your best taking the capsules.
But it is very effective, especially if you are doing a salt water flush every morning.
Gwindylyn - Model Liaison - 11/14/06 at 08:40 PM
Dude 21 days?  You made it that long . . . wow.  What were the effects?  And do you HAVE to do the salt water flush?  I can't stand salt water . . .
Chixor - Model - 11/15/06 at 06:23 AM
Yup 21 days....the plan was for 40, but i wussed out.
I wouldnt mind doing it again but im skeered about doing it while trying to have beebees.
I lost a lot of water weight, and mys kin cleared up a bunch.
I was more focused on a lot of stuff (despite constantly thinking about food).
Major side effects?
An obsession with the food network.
You gotta brush your teeth way more often than twice a day because the lemon can rot your teeth.
The cayenne is YUCKY in the drink, it BURNS, so i took capsules instead.
You dont have to do the salt water flush but it helps, you can to the physillium and bentonite shake that Apnea talked about but thats just weird and gooey.
Locke - Model - 11/15/06 at 12:53 PM
Goddamn girl, I bow to you. Thank you a ton for the capsule suggestion... I was struggling with wheither or not I'd be able to swallow the full blown mix without having it come right back up. I think I'm definitely gonna try this now. Thanks again!
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