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MH-47E/G Special Operations Chinook


Chinook hovering over water (Neg#: DVD-1100-3) Boeing produced 26 MH-47E Chinooks in the early 1990s for use by special operations teams. With 11 modernized MH-47Ds, they are among the most advanced rotorcraft in operation -- multi-mission platforms operating within tailor-to-task organizations, supporting precise, agile, fast-moving joint operations.


The CH-47F technology improvements form the foundation for more than 30 new MH-47G Special Operations Chinooks. This aircraft is required to complete long-range covert missions over a 300-nm radius, at low level, day or night, in adverse weather, over any terrain. The MH-47G has a fully integrated digital Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS), which permits global communications and navigation. CAAS is among the most advanced U.S Army helicopter systems, which includes forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and multimode radar for nap-of-earth and low-level flight operations in poor visibility and adverse weather.

In addition to the features incorporated on the F-model, the MH-47Gs include the following additional capabilities beyond the MH-47D & E models:

For more information, read the MH-47G (PDF) overview.

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