Saturday November 18, 2006

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Glitches In RAW/SmackDown Game, Emotional Regal
Date Added: November 18, 2006
Story By: Steve Carrier
The Daily newspaper featured in the UK, The Sun, had a very emotional interview with William Regal last week. In the interview it went in depth on fully describing his illness. The major shock was when Regal was told he needed a heart transplant and that he could never wrestle again. is featuring an interview with the man who beat Vince McMahon for 83 weeks in a row in the ratings, the man who had the guts to turn Hogan heel, the man who denies poaching talent from Paul Heyman and the author of Controversy Creates Cash, Mr. Eric Bischoff! Bischoff also discusses the formation of Nitro, nWo, Bret Hart's time in WCW, his feelings on how WWE pushed Goldberg and Steiner.

Reader Russell recently had purchased the SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2007 game on the exact release date. After purchasing that game he noted several glitches in the game. Some of those glitches include the game saying "Stone Cold Stunner" when you hit someone with a chair. When Lashley performs his finisher, the game calls it a "Dead Level" which is Kid Kash's finisher name. Also, in the Create-A-Wrestler area, the t-shirt in the Men's Clothes section, it s 1/31. You can't even change the color to anything solid. All you get is a soft tint/shade and thatís with all the XY color levels and shade down to the "darkest" and we get a bright white shirt.

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