Health Care

I support the principle that adequate health care is a fundamental right for every Memphian. The U.S. health care system works well for some and not at all for tens of millions. For normal working people in Memphis who have insurance coverage health care premiums, deductibles, and co-pays keep rising. Many have no healthcare benefits after retirement or divorce.

Memphis has the highest rate of infant mortality among the 60 largest cities in the U.S. Babies here die at twice the national average. The most frequent cause is premature birth attributable to bad nutrition, addictions (drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes), lack of transportation, and lack of education about pre-natal behavior and care. I'll work to obtain money to improve pre-natal health care (including counseling) and better access to health care for children.

Medicaid and Medicare are part of the humanitarian safety net that represents the best of America. I will work hard to support them and allow states more flexibility in its Medicaid (TennCare) plans.

I favor permitting importation of high-quality, lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada. The Food and Drug Administration should serve the people not the drug manufacturers.

I will seek to increase funding for research into the cause and treatment of Alzheimer's, AIDS, cancer, and diabetes.

I will fight for a fair relationship between the way corporate executives provide health care for themselves, before and after retirement, and the way they treat employees.