Stryper - Reborn
Label: Big 3 Records
By: SexySancho
Dec 15 05

Look out Kids! God’s boys are back and they’re in full Eee-Eff-Eff-Eee-See-Tee (that’s spells “EFFECT” for those that don’t know). After 15 years the multi platinum Christian metal band, Stryper is back together with a new world tour, new label & a new CD entitled REBORN. Big 3 Records is the new label, which is now the home for Stryper as well as Cheap Trick, Jon Secada & a hand full of other artists. Now, last we heard from Stryper they were all adorned with yellow & black stripes, mabeline eye shadow, preaching the word of God & chucking bibles in to the audiences of their live shows. Well the only thing that has changed since then is they’re not wearing the makeup nor striped spandex pants anymore. The cd cover has all 4 members drenched in slime which I’m assuming is either (A) after birth, hence the title REBORN. In which to this I have to say…”EWWW GROSS!” Or (B) The Slime represents the slime of sin, which they are peeling off their bodies. Knowing them I’m going with the later.

When I first heard Stryper was back together my first thoughts were “oh no not another reunion cd from another 80’s metal band”. Don’t get me wrong I love the 80’s metal TRUST ME I do. But most band of that era that try to make a decent record in the new millennium just can’t pull it off. The first time I listened to this cd I hated it. It just didn’t feel like a Stryper cd. Maybe I was looking for that campy pop sound with whiney guitar riffs that they had back in 1987. But after giving it a second listen with an open mind it wasn’t that bad, if fact it was fairly decent. The first two songs, “Open Your Eyes” & the title track “Reborn”, on the cd are more of a melodic, heavier sound for the band. The rest of the cd goes back to a more contemporary rock sound like they used to have. I don’t know what the singles off the cd are if there even are any for that matter. But if I were to pick them, it would probably be “Make You Mine” or “When I See You Cry”. The boys also did a Gospel tune called “Amazing Grace” but have now have changed it to “10,000 Years” (or maybe that IS the original title…I dunno). They also re-recorded “In God We Trust” the title track of their 3rd cd. But this time it’s called “I.G.W.T” & it’s a little more louder & has heavier guitars, opposed to the whiney guitar riffs that resembled the a cat screaming that used to have. REBORN even has a ballad for all those ballad fans. They still have the same message that the band has always put out. The harmonics are still great and over all it’s a solid cd. If you’re a diehard Stryper fan then you’ll like it. It’s not my top ten for 2005 but I must admit it grew on me.

I recently caught Stryper about a month ago here at the House Of Blues on Sunset. I had to see the God Squad back in action. These were not boys of their youth cranking out crunchy guitar riffs but seasoned musicians, rocking out like I’ve never heard. They’re sound was tight & unbelievable. 3 of the original members are still in the band. The Sweet brothers, Michael (lead vocals/guitar) & Robert (drums) and life long friend Oz Fox (lead guitar) are now joined with newcomer Tracy Ferrie who has taken over the bass for Timothy Gains who decided not to do the new cd or tour. Tracy is energetic on stage & even gives a hilarious Vince Neil impersonation.

And a side note to Tracy: Please stop doing the Rudy Sarzo side step bunny hops that he used to do in Whitesnake. It didn’t look cool then & it DEFINITELY doesn’t look cool in 2005. It looks, well…geigh. And with a name like Tracy Ferrie it’s not helping matters much dude.

This is the perfect cd for all you closet Creed fans. You know you rocked to them before they became over saturated on the radio & MTV.


1. Open Your Eyes
2. Reborn
3. When Did I See You Cry
4. Make You Mine
5. Passion
6. Live Again
7. If I die
8. Wait for You
9. Rain
10. 10,000 Years
11. I.G.W.T.

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