Old Glory - Instructions

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Thread: DMC® #80 Tatting Cotton (Spécial Dentelles) 666-Bright Red, 798 Dark Delft Blue, Blanc-White
Picot Gauge: Click here for info or make your own (multiply # from pattern by .032" inch)
Finished Size: 3-3/8" (8.6 cm) x 2-1/4" (5.7 cm)


The entire project is constructed using traditional multi-color split-rings and is hand-tatted. Please don't ask me how to do split-rings, there are many sites on the web that cover their construction and I am totally unable to teach.

Where the diagram indicates a picot of 6, this means lay the picot gauge at the point labelled 6 flat across the foundation thread with the last knot made to the left of the gauge at that point. Begin the next knot at the right side of the gauge at the same point. When the picot is pushed together, it will have a height of approximately 3. The 3 indicated between the split rings can be approximated simply by starting the next split ring with the foundation thread perpendicular to (at a right angle to) the base of the last split ring - when the ring goes into its natural position it will be about 1.5 distant from the previous ring. When making the opposite half of the split ring make it at the same 1.5 distance as the other half. When doing the star-field, rows 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 11, continue along making a red or white bar per the diagram. The other star-field rows are stopped and finished without continuing into a bar field.

Start in upper left-hand field corner with blue thread. At the middle of an approximately 42" piece of thread, make ring 2ds, picot (size 2), 2ds, picot (sized to whatever you will be making all outside picots or no picot at all for a smooth motif), 2ds, picot (same size as you have chosen for outer picot), 2ds, close ring. Holding foundation thread out at 90 degree angle to previous thread start split ring 2ds, picot (outside size), 2ds. Turn split ring to make other half, 2ds, picot (size 2) 2ds close. Continue along to end of blue field, introduce red thread and make split ring at same distance from last blue split ring as all previous rings 2ds, picot (outside size), 2 ds. Turn split ring to make other half, 2ds, picot (size 5), 2ds close. Make the bars any length you prefer, the diagram shows 11-ring bars, the illustration has 13-ring bars and is proportioned as an indoor flag, 15-ring bars would be proportioned more like a parade flag. Continue in like manner following diagram.