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Posted By: Doc On: 0+0000N9
Title: Board Cleanup
I've been combining forums to cut back on forum clutter and to make it more organized. I'm tryinmg to make forums easier to find and more relevant to their respective catagory.

Posted By: Andvari300 On: 0+0000N11
Title: New Forum Added


Posted By: Doc On: 0+0000N8
Title: Arcade Expansion
I'm adding new games to the arcade, since the original selection was rather small.

Posted By: Doc On: 0+0000N7
Title: New Ranks
We have updated our staff list due to low activity:


AV, Doc

Ken, Prophet

Grim, Yoshimitsu, Psychotic Albino


Psychotic Albino was promoted to moderator
All Vip's, excluding soup-nazi, were demoted
Editorial team no longer has colors

Note to people that were demoted: This is in now way your fault, we're sorry,but the reason you were demoted is that the amount of staff we had far outweighed the need.

Posted By: Andvari300 On: 0+0000N23
Title: Attention Guests please read
Before joining please know this, we validate here so when you make an account with a fake e-mail then you cannot use the name you wanted.

example: chances are you don't have that e-mail. So not looking a fool from the get go use a valid e-mail account to activate your stuff. Sorry it's been like this for atleast six months now.

Staff i'll move this to the announcement forum in a week. 9/10 nobody checks that area.

Posted By: Doc On: 0+0000N22
Title: Cookie Bug Fix
If you are having trouble marking forums as read, logging in/out, etc. , deleting your cookies will fix the problems

Posted By: Doc On: 0+0000N12
Title: The 60k unexplained posts
Pretty much everyone that was here during the last Spam Board session has noticed the strange 60k posts.

We believe it was some sort of bot, but it may have been some sort of hacker since almost every way there was to stop it didn't work.

We did manage to stop it, but unfortunatley, there is no realistic way to set back the post count, based on the way IPB works. It may or may not be possible to fix this on 2.0, but we'll have to wait and see.

I am trying to make 2.0 as independant on post id's as possible so that we can fix this, so please bear with us.

Posted By: soup-naz1 On: 0+0000N21
Title: Results of Spam Board 05
179 Topics, and a total of 4,535 posts! Until next year, bye bye spam board.

Posted By: Doc On: 0+0000N18
Title: KZ phr34kz
phr34kz is a subscription service giving you top access to KZ.

For only $1.95/month or $19.95/year, you'll have access to tons of new forums, features, all the newest reviews, and tons more!

Features include:
More IBCodes
Less Supervised forums
More profile abilities (Colored Names, Remote Avatars, Profile Page Titles)
And Best of all: Access to polls that affect the boards
And More!

Don't worry if you can't afford to subscribe. We won't be removing any of the free features.

Signup today!

(and remember, you signing up helps keep us alive and strong! ;))

Posted By: Doc On: 0+0000N5
Title: New ToS
By a unanimous vote from the administrators, we have decided to totally revise all our rules. The new ToS is currently being planned, so please abide by the current ToS untill our new one is complete.

Running Kool Zone v2.0 �2004 Kool Zone

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