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What Is Ace?
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Ace is a lightweight and powerful system for building World of Warcraft addons. Ace provides developers with the tools needed by most addons, freeing them from repeating common tasks and allowing them to jump right into the creative part of building their addons. New and experienced addon coders alike can benefit from Ace's features.


Recent Happenings

I want to make sure that everyone realizes that the svn is geared up for wow2.0. Do not update from the svn or using the wowace updater tool to update your addons for the live server until after the patch on Tuesday.
Trac has been temporarily disabled. Its database has some issues that need to be resolved. I also believe it may be related to the site wide 500 errors we've been experiencing.
The SVN-to-wiki TOC script is working again, and this time it's run post-commit on the SVN. Make sure you update your TOC Metadata in trunk so that your wiki pages get updated! I will be removing the template overrides soon, when that happens data will only come from the TOC pages.
The search box has been broken for a while. I've setup a custom co-op search engine with Google to replace it. This type of search engine has some special abilities to customize it. You can help us refine the search engine to be the best possible.
All devs with SVN access please read and sign the SVN Rules.
New server is installed and running (you're on it now). Please bear with us as the kinks are worked out.
We are raising money for a new svn server.

Update: We have our server, but we are still looking for donations to cover the first year of operating costs.

Please take the time to write new pages for your addons, or for your favorite Ace addons.

We also need your help maintaining pages. Please take a moment of your time to help edit.

  • Got a mod idea you want to share? New (or old) coder in need of a mod idea to write? Visit Talk:Ideas for New Mods
  • What is the SVN?
  • Ace Wiki:About
  • Ace Wiki:Sandbox - Please use this page for testing any wiki markup. It'll help keep the articles themselves clean.
    Do not expect anything in the Sandbox to be kept safe: If you need to draft something, I suggest you use your user page (User:YourName) or create a "sub-page" of your username, e.g. User:YourName/Dev.
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